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воскресенье, 30 октября 2016 г.

Eva & Adele hermaphrodite twins in art

They proclaimed themselves "the hermaphrodite twins in art": the Museum of Modern Art pays tribute to this couple of German defying gender identity.
For twenty-five years, they roam the aisles of biennials and other contemporary art events with a big smile. Dressed identically, but the ultra-feminine shaved like men, EVA & ADELE transgress the boundaries of genres. At a time when the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris devotes an important retrospective, we went to meet them in their three-story home and studio, in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. They received us with open arms.

News of the WorldInitially, were you a couple man and wife? ADELE.  No, never! When we met in 1989 when I was a good wife, EVA was already transsexual, then we realized that our marriage was at hand. And beyond our relationship, we decided to create a work from our singularity.

You claim you body art? EVA & ADELE.  Yes to the extent that our body is the material of our work. But we are more radical: we abolish the boundaries of art and life. And this for years.

Does he claim a 'political' in your desire for sexual differentiation? E & A.  Our appearance is a manifesto for tolérance.Dans this sense, it is a political act. We want to advance the cause of transgender refusing to hide and suffer in silence. We display our happiness to be different.

We want to advance the cause of transgender refusing to hide
Are not you better accepted in the middle of the art elsewhere? E & A. In everyday life, it is more dangerous and more difficult than in the world of art, where the public has artistic references .In the subway, there are bad people and others who have the heart. But the press has made known to us and it protects us. Recently, we visited a painting exhibition and Saudi students came to talk and explained that we were very well-known home!

In 2011, you were married as a couple of women. Why restrictive choice? ADELE.  We decided to get married to protect one that will remain in the future, if one of us earlier. But to get married you have to be male or female. It is like a passport, it can not be hermaphrodite. EVA wanted to officially become a woman. This was not simple. We had to meet two psychologists. Eva was finally recognized as a woman in the eyes of the law. It was possible, then, to marry, as two women, at City Hall.

Is it long to turn each day into living sculptures? E & A.  We need three hours every morning. There first shaving our heads, then the laying of skin creams should be left to act, then we maquillons with a special paint. Just choose outfits that we draw. We are passionate about fashion.Sometimes we work with young designers who come to us. We are often dressed in pink because the Nazis imposed homosexuals a pink triangle sewn on their jackets. Use this color is a contrast!

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