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суббота, 1 октября 2016 г.

FRANK BRUNO : Truth about star's sex, cocaine & Viagra shame

FRANK BRUNO ordered two hookers to perform seedy lesbian acts before joining them for three-in-a-bed sex, the News of the World can exclusively reveal.
The shamed boxing legend — famous for his "Know what I mean, Arry" catchphrase - snorted line after line of cocaine as he had non-stop sex with busty call-girl Daniella Hutson and her pal.
Daniella, 28, told the News of the World: "We all joined in together and did it in lots of different positions. And Frank was loving it."
She also described in detail her THREE sex sessions with the former world heavyweight champion in just two weeks. The brunette told how Bruno:
  • Was INSATIABLE in bed, popping Viagra pills to keep himself aroused.
  • SATISFIED her over and over — but bizarrely was unable to achieve orgasm himself.
  • Took a phone call from his 11-year-old son Franklin during one sex session.
  • Needs URGENT help to curb his massive cocaine habit.
    The squalid sex and drugs sessions happened at Bruno's new £1 million farmhouse near Leighton Buzzard, Beds.
    And it was on her second visit that Daniella agreed to bring another escort agency girl.
    She revealed: "We began by stripping and dancing for him as he lay on the bed.
    "He had a giant TV screen in the bedroom and it was showing porn as we did our routine.
    "Then we joined him on the bed. I think he was just wearing his boxer shorts. I was wearing a thong and black bra.
    "The other girl and I began kissing each other then we were touching each other's breasts.
    "At first Frank seemed just happy to watch, but eventually he couldn't control himself any longer and he joined in.
    "He was really turned on. I think he must have had sex with each of us about three or four times. But it was fast and furious rather than long.
    "He paid me alone about £600 and I stayed until 6am."
    Daniella said Bruno kept snorting cocaine throughout their romps.
    She said: "He was constantly taking cocaine with a rolled-up £20 note. He's got an incredible capacity and must have had several grammes. He kept his stash on a tray by the bed."
    But despite the marathon romps, Bruno was never able to climax. Daniella said: "He enjoyed trying to pleasure me more than receiving pleasure.
    "But because of his addiction to cocaine Frank can never reach an orgasm himself.
    "Sex is so frustrating for him. After a few minutes he won't be able to perform any longer. He'll start gasping for breath, stop and do another line.
    "To try to keep going he takes Viagra. I once saw him take five Viagra pills in one night. But it's still no good. So we'll stop, he'll do cocaine and get horny and we'll start all over again."
    She said Bruno was cautious when booking her the first time. She said: "It was the driver who picked me up who made the call. On the way he told me that Frank Bruno was going to be the client, but I wasn't to make a big deal about it.
    "I thought it was a bit weird because he has a load of trophies in his home, but I didn't comment on them.
    "I just had to pretend that I didn't recognise him. Anyway we had a drink then went up to his bedroom, which has a massive kingsize bed and en suite.
    "He knew what he was doing. He gave me £100 cash as soon as I went in then he extended it to three hours and gave me £250. He was a big, friendly giant and put me at my ease.
    "His favourite position was lying on his back with me on top and I couldn't help but admire his physique. He's got muscles coming out of everywhere.
    "And he loved my body — he paid me lots of compliments about my 34D breasts."
    Daniella said Bruno expertly chopped up the cocaine with his driving licence in front of her.
    She said: "I wasn't meant to know who he was but I could see his name on it! When the three of us were there he ran out of coke but got his driver to go and get some more."
    Daniella was staggered when Bruno took the call from his son.
    She said: "He put the call on speakerphone so I could listen. I don't know why. His son was talking about something that had happened at school."
    Daniella added: "In the end Frank said he knew that I knew who he was but was cool with it. I got the impression he was lonely, sad and kind of lost.
    "I think he wanted me to be his friend without booking me through the agency. I liked Frank but it was just strictly business for me."
    Bruno, who suffered a mental breakdown in 2003, first admitted taking cocaine in his autobiography Black Hole but claimed he had since quit.
    He has now said sorry for his relapse. His agent David Davies said: "Frank has apologised to his family and would like to apologise to his friends and fans. This won't happen again."
    Bruno has three children by ex-wife Laura: Franklin, Nicola, 23, and Rachel, 19. He also has a baby, Freya, by girlfriend Yvonne Clydesdale, 35.
    Yesterday, at the £250,000 home Bruno bought her in Woodvale, Derbyshire, tearful Yvonne said: "I spoke to Frank. He admitted it. I can't say any more."
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