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среда, 12 октября 2016 г.

How to Wash Windows

Thinking it’s just a foggy day? Think twice. That just might be grime on your window. So better get up from the couch and wash those windows. And here are some tips how:
  • Left-right, up-down
    Here’s a good tip. When drying your windows from the outside, wipe from left to right. When inside go from top to bottom. This way if ever you leave a steak, you’d know where that is.
  • Use newspaper
    You don’t always need a squeegee to dry your windows real quick. You can use old newspaper. It prevents smudges. This saves you on paper towels and linty cloths that get stuck on your windows.
  • Wash on an average day
    Wash when the weather’s just right - not too humid, not to hot, and definitely not when it’s storming. An extremely hot day may dry up your washing too quickly leaving nasty streaks on your window.
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