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среда, 19 октября 2016 г.


BABE-MAGNET Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metcalfe has PROPOSED to Girls Aloud beauty Nadine Coyle after a whirlwind romance. 

And the besotted singer wept with joy as she said Yes, the News of the World can reveal. 

Jesse, Eva Longoria's bare-chested toyboy in the hit TV series, popped the question hours before Nadine, 21, flew back from his Los Angeles home to prepare for her band's tour this month. 

A pal of the couple said last night: "They've only known each other for five months but Jesse just felt he had to ask her to marry him. 

"Nadine is over the moon. But there's no ring yet and she has told very few people." 

Jesse, 27, in London next week to promote his first big film, opened his heart to reveal how he: 

  • FELL in LUST at first sight when he met Nadine
  • HUNTED for her in hotels all over town after he took down her phone number wrong
  • WOOED her without having sex for SIX WEEKS
  • JETS back and forth across the Atlantic all the time because he misses her so much, and has
  • STOPPED sleeping around after bedding a string of stunning girls, including a porn star.

    Hunk Jesse, who has dated numerous beauties including Love Island's Colleen Shannon, admitted that Nadine had tamed his bed-hopping ways. 

    He smiled: "I've had my fun and I've had a lot of it. When you meet someone that does it for you in all the necessary areas you get that inclination to settle down."

    Asked if he finds it hard to stick to one woman he insisted: "Not now. I've been there and done that. You just get that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you meet someone."

    The cheeky actor told how he first met the pop babe in an Australian bar five months ago after being set up by a mutual friend.

    He grinned: "I believe in lust at first sight and that was the case with Nadine. I was mesmerised. I don't know if I believe in love at first sight, I don't think I do.


    "I think you can feel strongly about someone after a first meeting but if that evolves into love it's coincidental. I got her number but took it down wrong.

    "I tried to call her the next day and I couldn't get through so I was frantic thinking I've got to find this girl before she leaves! I finally tracked her down to her hotel and I left her flowers.

    "Initially I was struck by the way she looks. Obviously she's gorgeous. Then I think it was the way she played it so cool, the way she carries herself.

    She definitely is a lady. She has a lot of respect for herself."

    Nadine is quick to return the compliment: "First of all I just thought he was gorgeous! And then you know when you just feel so at ease talking to someone.

    "I was shocked that I felt so comfortable. I had to try really hard to keep it cool."

    Jesse added: "I wanted to spend more time with her but I had to go back to LA and she came back to London.

    "We talked on the phone for a month and a half before I visited her.

    "I think that's a good thing. We really got to know each other without the physical aspect clouding our judgment. I felt strongly about her pretty quickly."

    The actor, who has his first lead role in comedy film John Tucker Must Die, out on August 18, told how he and his Irish sweetheart have to juggle their long-distance relationship.

    He said: "So far it hasn't been too tough. There are moments when I miss her but I've been flying back there. I've gone back there three times in the last two months and she was just out here. So we're making it work."

    Sadly Jesse couldn't make it to see Nadine be bridesmaid at bandmate Cheryl Tweedy's wedding to England star Ashley Cole. But he has introduced her to his mum. "It went well," he said. "I think they really hit it off."

    Meanwhile Nadine, who was spotted looking at £60,000 engagement rings with Jesse in Harrods last month, has confessed: "I'd love to get married sooner rather than later. I don't want to be 30 and single.

    "But I wouldn't sell my wedding pictures, no matter what the money was.

    "I would want to have a very normal wedding—something small just for my friends and family.

    "I can't see myself allowing a magazine to take over the whole day. I have no problem with people who do that but it isn't for me."


    And, it seems, she has no problem with his steamy past or his role as an international sex symbol who often gets groped by female fans.

    Jesse smiled: "I don't really take it too seriously when they come on to me a lot—particularly older women. You gotta grin and bear it!"

    So his new fiancée really doesn't mind all these women throwing themselves at him?

    Jesse flashes his baby-blue eyes: "She's not the jealous type at all. She understands. I think any secure person does."
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