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понедельник, 24 октября 2016 г.

In Cameroon, the horror after deadly train crash (60 people were killed )

At least 60 people were killed in a train accident occurred Friday between Yaoundé and Douala. A French victim is to be deplored.

Cameroon emergency services were mobilized Saturday to take over in an emergency the hundreds of wounded from the train disaster that befell the country on Friday when a train liaising Yaounde-Douala derailed, leaving more than 60 dead .

In Yaounde, where the dead are transferred, "we received between 60 and 70 bodies at the station this morning, and about fifty injured," said Saturday AFP on condition of anonymity a company official railway Camrail.
"Some wounded arrive unconscious. We fear that the death toll could rise," he added.

"Technical investigations are ongoing to determine the causes of this terrible accident and their findings as they become available, will be the subject of a communication", said in a statement Camrail subsidiary of the French group Bolloré.

The company "uses any means necessary (...) to deal with the injured and provide support to families affected by this tragedy," the statement added.

At the Yaoundé Central Hospital, families flocked to the nearby research, or parents. "Personal hospitals act with diligence and efficiency. We will do a review as soon as we will harness the entire situation," told AFP the Secretary of State for Health, Alim Garga Hayatou, after visiting to the wounded.

Six babies and children among the victims

"There are whites, many women and babies among the 29 bodies we received," he told AFP an employee of the hospital morgue, unable to provide details on the nationalities. According to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a French died in the accident .

The first person, a woman allowed to enter the morgue in spring in tears supported by two men. "She recognized the body of his sister," said a relative.
The young Fadimatou expected to enter in turn. "We have no news of our sister since yesterday (Friday). We do not know if she's alive or not. Yesterday, his phone rang, but it does not ring this morning. Her husband did research in Douala" she says.

"I'm here to see if the body of my four month old baby is at the morgue. He died in the accident. His mother was injured," testifies collapsed Dam Njoya.

At the morgue of Ekounou district, a list of 24 names was posted: 11 women, six men - including a Ougandais- six babies and a child.

The train was packed due to the cut of the Yaounde-Douala road

The great majority of wounded were evacuated to hospitals in the port city, Douala, hospital sources.

According to the latest official toll released Friday by Transport Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o, the Intercity train derailment Yaounde-Douala near the station Eseka, 200 km east of Yaounde, made 55 dead and 575 wounded.

The access to the two stations were blocked Saturday by police, which prohibited the entry into the onlookers and people came to learn about the recovery in traffic, or inquire of a relative.
The train had left the station in the capital at about 11:00 (1000 GMT) Friday. It derailed by mid-day the first of the city of Eseka.

The train was packed due to the cut of the Yaounde-Douala road after the collapse of a bridge in the night from Thursday to Friday, due to the rain, which further complicated the rescue operation.
The road - major road in Central Africa - was cut in both directions at Matomb, 68 km from the capital. Traffic was restored Saturday after emergency work, according to CRTV.

Faced with this situation, the travelers were turned en masse Friday morning to the train stations of Douala and Yaoundé, many of them do not have the means to fly.

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