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четверг, 20 октября 2016 г.

Kate congratulate the heroes of Rio (Pictures 14)

Kate Middleton, the Queen of England and Princes William and Harry were the Olympic and Paralympic athletes from Rio Games at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday 18 October.

There is the fervor of the stadium, the parade through the streets of London and then the mood more subdued Buckingham. Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Philip, her grandchildren did the Princes William and Harry but Kate received the Kingdom representatives at the Olympic and Paralympic Games for Rio Games.

In Brazil, the British team won 67 medals (27 gold), or their best performance, even before the London Games in 2012. The British also managed fine Paralympics, as gleaned 147 medals, including 64 gold. In the afternoon, at a ceremony in Trafalgar Square, the crowd was able to salute the performance of British athletes.

"The Heroes Return"

The parade of athletes gathered thousands of spectators, like the one held yesterday in Manchester (north). These two days of celebration and festivities are part of the "Return of the Hero" ( "The Heroes Return") in honor of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes British second nation in the medals table at the Rio Games in both categories.

"It's absolutely amazing, I'm so excited to be able to meet the royal family and the Queen in particular," exclaimed Nicola Adams, Olympic champion boxer Rio. "Swimming did not shine in the last four years. We hope to continue to make you proud, because there is nothing like that to win the gold for you all," he told the approximately 6,000, Adam Peaty, Olympic champion in the 100m with a world record to boot.

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