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вторник, 4 октября 2016 г.

Kim Kardashian already mugged in Paris during Fashion Week

Three days before the street Tronchet armed assault, the star of reality television had already been the victim of Vitalii Sediuk, the serial aggressor stars.

This is the story of a young Ukrainian who has set his sights on the evil celebrities. Yes, that's what excites Vitalii Sediuk: terrorize the stars on the red carpet. Rather gifted, he raged since 2011 and broke into a Madonna's press conference in Venice. Its preferred hunting grounds? The movie premieres, awards ceremonies and fashion weeks. His most illustrious victims? Anna Wintour , Brad Pitt , Adele , Leonardo DiCaprio , Kim Kardashian , Bradley Cooper and Will Smith .

Thank you, in Paris, he took aim at Kim Kardashian at the restaurant L'Avenue, in the 8th district. Ie he has, as usual, braved the security barriers to plunge his face as close to the iconic rear of Women Kanye West, before being violently restrained by bodyguards of star.

Last week in Milan, he had assaulted Gigi Hadid with a similar modus operandi to the output of Max Mara fashion show. Vitalii Sediuk arose behind the top to 23 million followers on Instagram, before firmly hug the tummy and lift for several seconds - until the elbow and the avalanche of insults for daring the victim. In a statement released by The Hollywood Reporter , Vitalii Sediuk explained his action : "I find Gigi Hadid very pretty, but she and her girlfriend Kendall Jenner , however, have no place in the upper echelons of fashion. Via my action, I wanted to encourage the fashion industry to select real talent for podiums, and not just surconnectées bimbos. You can call it a manifesto, or a protest. "Maybe he will explain his attack soon Kardashian - arguing that such diaper has nothing to do with television.
An operation that goes by little unnoticed so. (Cannes Film Festival May 16, 2014.)

Madonna, Will Smith, Adele, Brad Pitt

In our case, we call it an embarrassing act due to a mental disorder. As we said above, Vitalii Sediuk is not at its first sentinel operation. As a reporter for the Ukrainian 1 + 1 channel (which has since fired), he has repeatedly used its press to access finger (and more) Stars of the red carpet. In 2011, he tumbles with a huge bouquet of hydrangeas to Madonna in the press conference of her movie WE at the Venice Film Festival. Gentillet. A year later, at the premiere of Men in Black 3 in Moscow, he tries a kiss on the mouth of Will Smith and takes a nasty slap by actor - before getting booed by the photocall. Embarrassing. On 10 February 2013, he bluntly reached the stage of the Grammy Awards to receive an award instead of Adele . Ultimately the concern. He had even already Kim Kardashian attacked during the Paris Fashion Week in 2014 (a scene much more impressive than Wednesday).
In 2012, he played the journalist at the premiere of Men in Black 3 in Moscow, and he tried to kiss on the mouth to Will Smith. Result: it takes a nasty slap by actor before getting booed by the photocall. Embarrassing.

Still, the turning point of his "career" was held in May 2014, when Vitalii Sediuk sneaks under the first security cordon of Evil, Robert Stromberg with Angelina Jolie in the title role, and offer Brad Pitt a very staff " crotch hug " (read "hug to the crotch"). Parenthesis: he had already assaulted this way Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio. Following the attack, Vitalii spend time in prison for assault and violation of the laws County of Los Angeles. Since he seems to prefer attacking easier prey and less customary for her sweet face of unbalanced. Vitalii Sediuk like to say that it is above all "a joker" . But obviously, no one wants to laugh.

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