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четверг, 20 октября 2016 г.

Kim Kardashian: No birthday party but a new pair of diamonds

After the attack suffered by Kim Kardashian in his Paris apartment at the beginning of October, the starlet has decided to cancel his big birthday party.Her husband, Kanye West will not fail so far to offer him a very nice gift. 

"It is not going very well," says Khloé Kardashian about her sister Kim , victim of a violent burglary while she was traveling to ParisYet the anniversary of Kim Kardashian approach and it is every year an opportunity for her to throw a party to insane speeds. This year it seems she does not want to make big night as usual: "Kanye is devastated to have to cancel, but the safety of his family comes first," said a source at the 'Sun'. Vintage Champagnes, luxurious catering and guest stars, everything was all set to Kim celebrates its 36th anniversary with dignity.But the starlet has not strength. She prefers a quiet celebration with his family.

The string "! E" that broadcasts his reality show "The Kardashians" reports: "It will be an intimate birthday with close family, says a source at the US site. It is not yet in the mood to party. Kanye does everything he can to make her feel better, but the constant steering memories continue to bother. "

A nice touch

Kanye West has always shown a lot of will when it comes to please his sweetheart. Offering him the most beautiful clothes and the finest jewelery, he knows how to sublimate. If this year the event is canceled, it will still give her a lavish gift: a nice pair of earrings signed Lorraine Schwartz worth $ 50,000.

Quickly returned to New York to lick his wounds with his family, the curvaceous starlet has made no public appearance and did not choose to communicate about the case. "It's really traumatic that happened to him, but our family is very supportive. We'll all get together and get better together. Thank you to everyone who sent us their encouragement and think of us. It will take time, "continues her youngest on the set of Ellen DeGeneres. 

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