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понедельник, 10 октября 2016 г.

Kim Kardashian: a rediscovered gem might confuse burglars

According to the English newspaper "The Daily Mail", confirming information given Saturday by M6, a jewel was misled by burglars when they fled.

And if burglars who stole jewelry Kim Kardashian later in his mansion on the night of Monday to Tuesday were not seasoned professionals? The assumption seems plausible after the discovery of an abandoned gem belonging to the star of the reality show, probably fell during the bike leak thugs in the streets of Paris. M6 advance a piece of jewelry was discovered "near the chic rue Tronchet and the mansion" where the beautiful lived in the eighth arrondissement of Paris. The jewelery was seized by the law enforcement brigade banditry (BRB) in charge of the investigation. 

DNA tests on the recovered jewelery?

The "Daily Mail" advance Sunday, citing a source close to the investigation, found that the piece will probably confuse burglars if DNA tests are performed. "This indicates that criminals could make mistakes in haste," said the same source. Recall that  8 to 10 million euros of rings, earrings and necklaces  were stolen pieces loaned by larger houses jewelry, and even precious stones, those offered by  her husband, Kanye West .

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