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пятница, 21 октября 2016 г.

LADY MUCCA: Heather Mills McCartney legover with TV Hunter

NAKED Heather Mills McCartney slipped into a bath with Gladiator Hunter before whipping off her false leg and having sex with him in the bubbles, we can reveal.
She had a secret three-month torrid fling with the TV muscleman before she met Paul McCartney—and he reckoned Lady Mucca was the MUCKIEST woman he had ever slept with.
Last night a close pal of Hunter, 33—real names James Crossley—told us: "He said she was like a porn star in bed and very experimental.
"Her sex drive was even bigger than Hunter's and he told me he had to perform four or five times to get close to satisfying her."


And Mucca, 38—now in the midst of a bitter divorce battle with Sir Paul—proved it's not just bottles of ketchup and furniture she likes to throw around.
The saucy ex-model —who we revealed wrecked rooms during rows with the former Beatle—loved flinging her false leg aside before sex sessions with Hunter. "He said that one of the first times they had sex was in the bath at his flat," added the pal.
"She took it off before getting in and said, ‘You don't mind me going legless, do you?' James didn't mind at all. She was always very athletic—with or without her leg."
The pair were introduced at a charity bash for landmine victims on Shaftesbury Avenue in the West End of London in November 1997.
"They were drawn together at once," added our source. "And Heather made sure Hunter was well rewarded for supporting the cause.
"You'd have to be blind to miss the chemistry between them. Hunter even really liked the fact she had a false leg. It made Heather a bit different from his usual conquests."
But once Hunter had Heather back at his flat in east London it was clear that HE was HER conquest.
The source went on: "Hunter thought he knew the script when they got home together. But he told me Heather's forwardness totally shocked him. She was the raunchiest woman he's ever bedded.
"Her favourite place for sex was the bathroom. She loved feeling the water splashing against her body while they did it."


Mucca made Hunter a regular fixture in her love life until early 1998. The pal added: "Whenever they met at one of these showbiz bashes it was always back to her place or his afterwards."
The couple split as the Gladiators show faced the axe and Hunter began exploring other areas of showbusiness.
The pal said: "It was Heather who called the shots at the end. She was very feisty and ambitious. Hunter's dwindling telly success probably played a small part in the break-up."
Just over a year later she met Sir Paul at an awards ceremony.
During their fling, Hunter gushingly praised Lady Mucca as "a wonderful example of what you can do if you put your mind to it."
Now she's putting her mind to getting a huge chunk of her husband's fortune.

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