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пятница, 21 октября 2016 г.

Linda Hardy, his love affair with Johnny Hallyday

Linda Hardy, a former Miss France, confided to his former relationship with Johnny Hallyday.

Everyone remembers Linda Hardy, the sublime Miss France 1992. Almost 25 years after his coronation, Linda continued her career becoming a model, she is the muse for large leather goods brand Lancaster and actress. On Tuesday, she was the guest of the talk show "Amanda" on France 2 . During this interview, she agreed to return to his love affair with Johnny Hallyday. Because you do not know but maybe she shared a love story with rock star. "Johnny. This is someone who ... I will say that I have shared some moments of his life when I was very young. I must have been 21, 22 years, "she says. Adding that she speaks well of "love."

But the young woman did not stop there. "Johnny is someone for whom I have great respect and admiration, which beyond being the gentleman that we know is mostly someone extremely kind, generous. A beautiful soul. And it's mostly what's important. "

At that time, thirty years apart. But Linda is not a problem. Johnny is a high quality man. And no matter if he is a huge star of French rock. "I rarely look at people on what they represent to others. So obviously, I can not say I did not know whose side I was, but when you share the daily life of someone you know, whether famous or not, it does not have much 'importance. It does not remove the qualities, defects, and is above all human beings. "

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