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суббота, 22 октября 2016 г.

LOOS FIT: Rebecca stunning new curves

MORE is definitely LES when it comes to busty Rebecca Loos's pulling power.

Since her famous boob job David Beckham's former mistress admits she is fighting off GIRLS eager for action.

Our breathtaking new pictures reveal why—and it's driving her boyfriend nuts!

Bisexual babe Rebecca confessed: "Women quite openly flirt with me.


"The other day I was strolling in London with my man and he got a bit angry because FOUR girls approached and said, ‘You're stunning, I love you!'

"One gave me her number and said she'd love to get to know me. My man wasn't too happy!"

Rebecca revealed she keeps her amazing 34D figure in trim with a punishing daily gym routine.

Now 29, she lives in London after amassing a £1million fortune since the News of the World broke the sensational story of her affair with ex-England football captain Becks.

Former personal assistant Rebecca frankly told us: "Nowadays I absolutely live off fame. All the work offers I've got are related to my fame, because I'm popular."

After scoring a hit on reality shows The Farm and Celebrity Love Island—and ‘marrying' top model Jenny Shimizu in the documentary Lesbian Power— she's now on a TV project called Teaching Mike in which she schools Lotto lout Mikey ‘The Pikey' Carroll in the gentle art of seduction and table manners.

But Rebecca insists she won't let the glitz and glamour go to her head.

"The most important thing is not to take it seriously," she says.

"It's very easy for fame to scramble your brain."

Yes, bigger boobs is one thing. A swollen head? Never!

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