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пятница, 28 октября 2016 г.

Noel Edmonds: I'VE BEEN DUMPED

THE deal's OFF for TV legend Noel Edmonds and new love Liz Davies.
The Deal Or No Deal star last night revealed how his whirlwind romance with make-up artist Liz collapsed this week when she suddenly DUMPED him.
In an exclusive interview with the Irish News of the World, Noel candidly talked for the first time about his love life and told how he's:
HEARTBROKEN because he thought Liz was the real deal.
ANGRY at being pestered by texts from telltale ex-lover Marjan Simmonds.
SHOCKED by frisky fans who bombard him with underwear and sex toys.
BANKING on a happy new year after putting in his Cosmic Order for a new woman!
Noel, who was 58 on Friday, said: "I woke up this morning feeling a bit down because I really like Liz and I hoped it could have gone somewhere. But judging by the way she was talking last night I think she's probably had enough. It was a friendship which developed very, very quickly. But I don't know where it's going now. We've no plans to meet again. That's the way she wants it."
Noel blamed the collapse of their two-month fling on the glare of publicity surrounding them since he openly whisked Liz, with him in the main picture, off to his mansion in the south of France last weekend.
After a flurry of pictures and revelations from her estranged husband Nathan Ridler, Noel added: "Liz is having a really bad time. It was all too much. We met at the Deal Or No Deal studios where she's the make-up chief. I thought she was lovely. When we started talking in mid November we were chatting about marriage and I suddenly realised that we had a lot in common.
"I divorced my wife Helen, I know how difficult it is. Liz is divorcing her husband Nathan, and that's what we talked about. It's a traumatic thing.
"I don't think there's any accusation that I'm involved in their split. But this week for Liz has been horrific. All the attention frightened the pants off her. She's not a very outgoing person. But she's one of the most beautiful people I ever met.
"I've a horrible feeling all this has killed something."
When we broke news of the split to Liz's cameraman husband Nathan he pleaded for her to return to the family home in Wiltshire for Christmas.
"I'd love to get back with Liz," he said. "There's nothing I'd like more."
Since Noel divorced Helen after 19 years in January 2005, when she had an affair with her pilates instructor, he has been linked to a series of sexy women—including ex-model Marjan Simmons, one-time Miss England Pauline Davies and Kelly Napper, a contestant on his hit show.
Noel confessed he felt bitterly let down when Marjan, 38, gave an interview about him following their split.
He said: "That relationship was based on total honesty, but Marjan betrayed that and I still feel very upset—particularly as she keeps texting me. I sent her and her children to Disneyland, I gave her loads of money. Then she sold her story. Disgusting."
Noel added that his daughters Charlotte, 23, Lorna, 18, Olivia, 15, and eight-year-old Alice were hurt by Marjan's claims that he just "used" her.
But one-time Radio 1 DJ Noel—who on Thursday hosts a two-hour BBC Two reunion special of his Seventies TV smash Swap Shop—says he is showered with raunchy offers from contestants and fans. "I get underwear and things with batteries," he added. "Some notes are very explicit."
Despite the offers, all Noel really wants is to settle down with the right woman-and he has asked for one through his belief in the new age Cosmic Ordering movement.
"I'm looking for somebody special," he said. "Somebody who makes me laugh, who's intelligent, caring, attractive in personality as well as physical terms. I've put in my order for next year. That'll test the cosmos a bit!"

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