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суббота, 1 октября 2016 г.


STRICTLY Come Dancing sexbomb Ola Jordan has revealed what puts a spring in her quickstep — she regularly romps backstage with her hubby before a show.
The curvy dancer says she can't keep her hands off James, another professional dancer in the TV contest.
She said: "It's just like the movie Dirty Dancing. We don't keep our dancing and sex life apart — in fact it overlaps a lot."
Lucky James added: "We can get very turned on by the routines. If the dancing goes well, things can get very heated and we'll get it on backstage."
Ola, 24, who was partnered with DJ Spoony before they were axed last weekend, also said dancing gave her extra cha-cha-cha between the sheets.
"It makes you more confident and aware of your body—it makes a huge difference in the bedroom," she said.
Getting ready for a show or contest is also a turn-on for the Polish-born babe. She said: "Putting on my skimpy costume and my make-up makes me feel really good.

"And dancing makes me feel like a different person. When I'm on the floor the sexy side of me comes out."
James, 28, admits he got jealous seeing Ola dancing with flirty Spoony. He said: "It's hard watching another man dance with your wife. You get jealous.
"With Spoony, when I wasn't around he flirted with her all the time. I didn't like it. It's an insult to me and her when men flirt with Ola because she's married. They should know better."
But James, whose Strictly partner is Casualty star Georgina Bouzova, WOULD be happy if his 32C wife posed for Playboy. He said: "If they offered a nice fee with six zeros at the end she'd have my blessing!"
It was Ola's sexy moves at a tournament that first attracted James to her eight years ago. He had a girlfriend at the time — another Polish dancer — and he got her to introduce them.
James, from south London, said: "Ola is one of the sexiest dancers on the circuit. It's the way she moves her body. I love it. The first time I saw her dance I was mesmerised. But she didn't speak English and I had to get my girlfriend to call her for me.
"When we met we didn't speak. We just danced two basic steps and I knew she was my new dance partner."
Ola added: "I fancied him from the first moment we met but he was in a relationship. After they split up, nothing could stop us getting together."
She says he's very strict about her staying trim but insists she doesn't mind. "I need to look good," she said. "If I reach for a biscuit, he tells me I shouldn't eat it. He tells me straight if I'm looking chubby."
The couple are now talking about having children. Ola said: "After Strictly it's the next thing on the agenda."
There'll be plenty of fellas hoping she'll swap the mumbo for the mambo soon afterwards.

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