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воскресенье, 16 октября 2016 г.


PLAYBOY Model of the Year Louise Glover's breasts bobbed up and down like two buoys on a sea swell as she lay back on her pedalo.

And as the beaming bisexual beauty launched her bikini bottoms down the slipway of her tanned legs, lucky lover Ben Pete knew his ship had come in.

"She looked at me with a glint in her eye that said, ‘I want you'," says the Playmate's 21-year-old ex. "We were well away from the beach and nothing was going to stop her.
"She squealed as I stroked and kissed her boobs—then she made it clear she wanted more.

"As we made love the pedalo was going up and down. We were sliding all over because Louise's body was covered in sun oil.
I'm surprised we didn't capsize. But we kept going until our hire time was up."
Now Ben's time with Louise is also up and today he reveals how she liked to make love BLINDFOLDED, made PORN MOVIES of them together, dressed up as SANTA CLAUS for one wild session and did it bent over a hotel BALCONY.

The pedalo passion on a Cyprus holiday in May is his favourite memory of a lover who became the first ever British girl voted Playboy's Model of the Year, following in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson and Victoria Silvstedt.

But Louise also rocked the boat in other ways during their passionate two-year relationship.

The model — pictured today for the first time after a silicon op to boost her bosom from a 34C to a 34E — hit the News of the World's headlines after lesbian flings with Becks' ex Rebecca Loos and Footballers' Wives babe Holly McGuire.


Ben didn't like it, but he reckoned he had one thing going for him that would always bring her back. 

"It's not nice reading about your partner sleeping with someone else whether they're male or female — and I got a lot of stick for it," he says. 

"But one thing Louise could never get with a woman is full sex — and she loves that. 

"Even so, when Louise confessed she'd slept with Holly I was gutted. I asked myself, ‘What am I not doing right?' 

"And when she told me about Rebecca we nearly split, but I realised she had a craving that needed satisfying elsewhere." 

What Louise craved from Ben was sex anywhere, anyhow — and as kinky as possible. 

"Her appetite for sex in different positions was astounding and she loved bossing me around," he said. 

"Then sometimes she could be like a kitten and adored me taking control. 

"One time she presented me with a black silk blindfold and let me dominate her completely. 

"She was lying down on the bed naked. There were candles all around and as I nibbled and stroked her she went wild." 
LESBY HONEST: Ben was shocked at Louise's fling with Loos.

Louise loved filming their X-rated action too. "When we went on holiday in Ibiza last July she produced a video recorder and said she wanted to watch us making love," says Ben. 

"We got aroused, then when things got steamy and I was above Louise I pressed record. She touched herself, then I touched her and I was watching through the little screen. 

"Eventually I put the camera on the bedside table to get everything in the shot while we had sex on the bed. It was so sexy watching the playback." 

Ever the performer, Louise loved thrilling Ben by dressing up for sex. 

"We were heading to a Christmas fancy dress party once and Louise dressed up as Mrs Santa Claus," grins Ben. 

"She put on red stockings with fur on the top and a very small Santa dress and hat. 


"Needless to say we were late for the party and arrived with big smiles on our faces." 

During their pedalo holiday daring Louise — featured over three pages of Playboy this month — wanted to make love over their balcony. 

"It was sunset and Louise was leaning over the ledge wearing her tie-string bikini," said Ben. "I slid behind her and began kissing her neck. 

"Then I untied her bikini top with one hand and her bottoms with the other. Louise pushed her bum towards me and my towel dropped to the floor. 

"We began having sex and were only on the second floor so anyone by the pool could have glanced up and got an eyeful!" 

Printer Ben fell for Louise two years ago at a local bar in their home town of St Helens, Lancs. She made him wait three weeks before showing him the stairway to heaven. 

"The first time we did it at her place we couldn't wait to get to the bedroom," says Ben. 

"We started having sex on the stairs so passionately she grazed her bum on the carpet! 

"After that it was five times a day, five times a night whenever she was home from working in London. 

"In the end I finished it because I couldn't keep up with Louise — she just wanted too much sex. 

"But I'll never forget our time together or the pedalo. It was the ride of a lifetime."

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