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понедельник, 3 октября 2016 г.

Porsche Panamera, the 911 families (2017)

 TEST - The second generation of the Porsche Panamera manages the difficult synthesis of sportiness and comfort.

Everything and start again is erased. The first Panamera, the new generation has kept the name, the logo on the hood and the ignition key to the left of the steering wheel. Porsche has indeed offered the luxury to start from scratch to continue history of a sedan that was not unworthy (154,000 units in six years) despite an established competition and an unattractive. Developed around the great VW group MSB platform will be used by the next Audi A8, the Panamera II will galvanize fans of the genre. Train before advanced cantilever before reduced, secluded cabin backwards, elongated figure of 34 mm (5049 mm) and wider than 6 mm (1937 mm), very shifty flag (- 2 cm): the silhouette is finally rebalanced. It includes the popular Porsche codes at the point of passing for 911 4-door.
A new human-machine interface

With the Panamera, Porsche succumbs to simplifying controls.
Besides the line which is now unanimously, the Panamera II led his inner revolution. Under the name Porsche Advanced Cockpit, engineers have devised a new man-machine interface avoiding the pile of buttons on the raised black lacquered center console. The huge central touch screen of 12.3 inches includes all the information. In use, it constitutes real progress. This driver is in the manner of a smartphone. Simply touch the screen, which can be divided into several windows, to appear on the left, the drop down menu in a vertical strip. And any driver who sleeps in the driver of the Porsche appreciate to find, behind the wheel, an instrumentation cap installing an analog tachometer in the center.
Behind the wheel, the two virtual dials right are customizable.
It is bordered on each side by two virtual dials 7 inches. Playing on a wheel of the steering wheel, the right ones can disappear in favor of the mapping of GPS or the onboard computer. Progress is also nestled in the advanced connectivity to have a Wi-Fi hotspot, but also from the 2017 productions of Inno Drive system gives an overview of autonomous driving the Porsche sauce. By working together navigation, adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance radars, the Panamera is able to anticipate three kilometers ahead. It adapts for example its speed when approaching a freeway exit ramp and stores you'll enter an area 50 km / h to lower consumption by 10%. We recommend the Sport Chrono Package (€ 1,878), which is enriched with a Sport mode + lowering the plate of the car, tightening the suspension and enhancing engine response.

The center tunnel which runs to the rear seats distributes four individual seats that can be enriched ventilation functions (heated and cooled) and massage. No jealous with option four air conditioning zones (€ 1,548), rear passengers enjoy a central screen to access or control some menu features such as adjust the sound level, select a playlist of music , or follow the GPS directions. Note only four seats, opening and orientation of the air nozzles can be controlled from the air vents. Still, to transport 5 people, it will go its way and await the arrival of the Gran Turismo version planned later in 2018. By then, the long rechargeable and hybrid versions have already appeared.
breathtaking acceleration

The Panamera is riveted to the ground.  It reserves travel speeds in high curves.
Meanwhile, the Panamera II strenna the new engine range "KOVOMO" the VW group and having two V8 (petrol and diesel) and a V6 2.9 liter direct petrol injection original Audi. These three biturbo engines are mated to all-wheel drive, guaranteeing a flawless traction, and the PDK dual-clutch transmission to 8 reports. With its 422 hp, the 4S Diesel, who will represent over 65% of sales offers a level of performance that is breathtaking. Perfectly soundproofed, this super GT does proves not demonstrative but allows a range of up to 1000 km with the 90-liter tank (+ 120 €) while claiming the fastest diesel world title.

The Panamera strenna air suspension with 3 rooms.
If for you the pleasure begins above 5000 rev / min, salvation through the petrol versions distilling sensations that one is entitled to expect of a sports sedan. This is the case at the wheel of the invoiced 4S € 115,967. It then accesses the extension of a lively engine and has an intoxicating sound with the Sport + mode, at the cost of somewhat brutal management of the box. With Turbo with air suspension as standard with three bedrooms instead of the previous generation (option € 2,154), change category. The engine roars; the effect is breathtaking acceleration (3.4 seconds with the Sport Chrono pack to reach 100 km / h); sensations are identical to those of the 911 Turbo. Especially with the steering rear wheels (€ 2,064) that improve agility and PDCC chassis with active roll control and electronic differential locking (€ 4,740). Given the level of performance, carbon-ceramic brakes are highly recommended (+ € 9,012). Proof of large repertoire of Turbo, to stabilized gait, its engine makes a gesture for the planet by deactivating four cylinders.

Our opinion

The new Panamera is unrecognizable, erasing the previous questionable and moving the cursor over sportiness. Certainly one can blame him reduced visibility to the rear and on both 4 S, a surassistée direction requiring micro-corrections to the steering wheel.
This is not one but three models highly differentiated character that Porsche brings to market. Petrol models truly reflect the idea that there is a "family" sports. Still, the price is steep, especially drawing on the extensive list of options. But a model 2WD less than € 90,000 is expected.

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