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пятница, 7 октября 2016 г.

Pregnancy: what foods would make kids smarter?

Eating fruits in (large) amount, the secret to give birth to intelligent children? This is the conclusion of a recent study in Canada. Explanations.

It's official, it's not just the fish that makes smart! University scientists from Alberta, Canada, unveiled the results of their latest research: the fruit also would possess these magical properties. In reaching these promising findings, relayed by the Wall Street Journal and published last June in the specialized journal Ebio Medicine , Canadian researchers selected 3,600 pregnant women and found them between 2008 and 2012. They are all included in their diet food fruit or 100% fruit juice but in different amounts. The maximum daily portions amounted to "six or seven", reports the Wall Street Journal . Ultimately, the program 688 children met the criteria to complete the study. The researchers measured cognitive performance of babies through "communication tests, health, social behavior ...", one year after birth.

Surprising results

Result: more mothers ingesting seafood during pregnancy had more children at the age of one year, a high cognitive development. Other factors were also taken into account by scientists - such as salary of the family, the education level of the mother, if it had taken vitamins during pregnancy, breastfeeding after birth - but Piush Mandhane, associate professor of pediatrics at Alberta and a senior author of the study, told the Wall Street Journal that "the fruits ascended continually up the list of factors associated with cognitive development" babies.

A surprise for the teacher who then asked one of his colleagues another look. François Bolduc teacher used the same method, while observing new topics: fruit flies, also called "fruit fly" or "fruit fly". A reference species in genetic research. The results were identical to the study of Piush Mandhane.

A single study

5 fruits and vegetables a day
According to the National Health and Nutrition program , it is recommended to eat at least '5 portions of fruit and / or vegetables "every day. A serving is "the equivalent of 80 to 100 grams" or "the size of a fist or two tablespoons full." 

Attention all the same, the Mandhane teacher recognizes that it is not appropriate to recommend pregnant women to significantly increase their fruit consumption. "This is an isolated study, and we have not yet seen the effects on health," acknowledged Piush Mandhane the Wall Street Journal . Because if the frugivorous regime seems tempting, it also leads to an increase in the sugar level in the blood. With, the key risk weight and diabetes taken, it said in the report of the study.

So how to best maximize this new discovery? The researcher of the Canadian university advises mothers to simply agree with national recommendations. To recall, in France, it is recommended to eat at least "five portions of fruit and / or vegetables per day. "

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