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четверг, 27 октября 2016 г.

Prince Mihajlo Karadjordjevic of Serbia married

This Saturday in central Serbia, took place the wedding of Prince Mihajlo Karadjordjevic, a first cousin of Prince Alexander, the pretender to the Serbian throne.

Forty years apart. Yet the young prince Mihajlo (Michael) Karadjordjevic is the first cousin of Prince Alexander of Serbia, the only son of the last King of Yugoslavia Peter II and, therefore, pretender to the crown. Mihajlo, who turns 31 on December 15, is the youngest of four children born to two different unions, the late Prince Tomislav, younger brother of King Peter II.It is therefore one of the small-son of former King Alexander I of Yugoslavia was assassinated in Marseille in 1934.

Prince Mihajlo Serbia Karadjordjevic married Ljubica Ljubisavljebvic in the Oplenac church, 23 October 2016© Oliver Bunic / AFP
Born in London, Prince Mihajlo, who has lived for ten years in Serbia, told the local press will settle near Belgrade and raise horses in the middle of nature, has chosen to celebrate its civil marriage in the British capital.However, the religious ceremony took place this Sunday, October 23, 2016, in the Orthodox Church of St. George Oplenac. Located in the town of Topola in central Serbia, this building is the necropolis of the Serbian royal family. The young man has united his destiny before God Ljubica Ljubisavljebvic, a pharmacist born in Belgrade.

A reception was given by Prince Alexander in his White Palace

Some 300 guests-among them members of the royal family including Prince Alexander and étrangers- dignitaries attended the royal wedding. It has gathered just outside the church about 150 supporters of the royal family. A reception followed. It was given by the Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and his wife Princess Katherine, in their White Palace in Belgrade .

Prince Mihajlo Serbia Karadjordjevic and his wife Ljubica Ljubisavljebvic, October 23, 2016© Crédit Oliver Bunic / AFP
Karadjordjevic dynasty was founded by Djordje Petrovic, known as Karadjordje (George the Black). Originally from a farming family, he had led the first Serbian uprising against the Ottoman rule in the early nineteenth century. The Karadjordjevic ruled Principality of Serbia from 1842 to 1858 and then the Kingdom of Serbia from 1903 to 1918 and finally on Yugoslavia from 1918 to the Nazi invasion in 1941. Last King Peter II was officially ousted when the kingship was abolished in Serbia in November 1945 by the communist regime of Marshal Tito (Josip Broz) after the Second World War.

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