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воскресенье, 23 октября 2016 г.

Princess Mary lost her beloved grandmother

Denmark Marie princess adored his grandmother, the Baroness Sairigné Odile. His beloved "Mamita" died Tuesday.

While Queen Sonja of Norway buried his older brother on October 14 , it was the turn of the Danish royal family being struck by grief. Denmark's Court has announced on its website this Tuesday, October 18, 2016 death, the same day in Paris, the Baroness Sairigné Odile, the paternal grandmother of Princess Mary . This was 98 years old.

In several interviews given in years past, the French daughter of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, born in Paris on 6 February 1976 had stressed she was attached to her grandmother, whom she called "Mamita". A woman she loved as much as she admired her and she was very close.Moreover, it is to her that Prince Joachim of Denmark had asked first hand of Mary, who received the very strong bond between them.

His beloved "Mamita" was with Mary on the day of her marriage

And May 24, 2008, the day Marie Cavalier, who converted to Protestantism, said yes to his handsome Danish prince in the little church of Moegeltonder, south-western Denmark, Odile Baroness Sairigné was of course present .

Odile Baroness Sairigné with Charles and Edouard Cavallier, half-brothers of Mary's wedding this May 24, 2008© Albert RoyalPress Nieboer / Royal_Press_Europe / DPA
In November 2015, Princess Mary had to cancel several engagements to fly to France. The Palace had explained she went to the bedside of her grandmother who was then very ill due to an illness. This one is off a little less than a year later.

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