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вторник, 25 октября 2016 г.

Pursued by an "alien", it takes a picture

But what has thus photographed the British paranormal expert John Mooner in Davon in England? A strange animal, a ghost, an alien creature or a simple hoax?

The story of John Mooner in the British newspaper "The Mirror" , is chilling: "I led an investigation in a wooded park in search of something unusual when I saw a figure standing standing on the edge of the wood.When I approached, I had the shock of my life: it was not one man, it was an extraterrestrial being " 
Specifically a "gray", with big black eyes without pupils whose description matched that given by many witnesses for decades .

The torso of the creature seems pretty clearly drawn.© John Mooner / Abaca
"The creature was standing right in front of me on the way and blocked my passage continues John Mooner. I took a picture but my batteries are emptied immediately after. "
Again, this phenomenon is commonly reported, both by ghost hunters from witnesses of extraterrestrial type of observations. It seems the paranormal have an adverse effect on the batteries and electrical appliances. 
The sequence of events is worthy of a horror movie "The gray alien began floating in my direction! I turned around and I ran like I had the devil at my heels. "

We distinguish large black eyes like slits of a mask.© John Mooner / Abaca
But after several kilometers of a desperate flight, John Mooner started coughing and spitting blood, which he said had never happened to him-he says. Fortunately, the adventure of John Mooner ended as suddenly as it had begun, without damaging it. 
Despite his photo and luxury details of his story, John Mooner provides no compelling evidence: the photograph could be fake and no other witness is able to confirm his words. In addition, this specialist in paranormal maintains a website, World UFO Photos, and he claims to have already seen UFOs and even attended a landing. It is difficult to avoid the suspicion of a publicity stunt and the ultimate proof that will put the entire scientific community agrees is still not fallen from the sky. 

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