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суббота, 29 октября 2016 г.

Read the shocking emails celebrity mum Kerry Katona

HATE-FILLED Kerry Katona threatened to set fire to her ex-best pal's car with her inside it.
The Iceland TV ads star made the chilling threat in a bombardment of emails she sent to mum-to-be Michelle Hunter for spilling the beans over her drug-taking.
And we can reveal terrified Michelle called in the police after receiving the firebomb message.
The email, sent in the early hours last Tuesday, said: "Your car will be torched yes torched with u in it yes.ur not even worth me lifting my finger to write this message;bye ur boring me."
In a bizarre twist, 26-year-old Kerry's spokesman Max Clifford first confessed to the News of the World that she HAD sent Michelle hate-emails...only to ring us back with a spluttering denial just over an hour later.
As police confirmed they were investigating the case, Michelle, 27, told us: "Kerry knows I'm pregnant and I could lose my baby because of this. It's like she's gone completely mad. I'm petrified — it's like I'm being stalked."
The former best friends fell out 18 months ago when Michelle told how Kerry — twice voted celebrity mum of the year — went wild on booze and cocaine following the breakdown of her marriage to Westlife star Brian McFadden.
"The nasty emails started coming a few months ago but I ignored them," said Michelle. "Then on Monday it got out of control. It was tirade after tirade of abuse."
One called Michelle a "f*****g Kerry wannabee" and bragged:
"The nearest u will get to be as close as me is the checkout at Iceland. even ur own sister hates u. cant wait to bump into u. Bye de byes. i will write again soon when i remember what other bullsh*t u fed me. get a life looser. bye fatty."
Another cruelly took a swipe at Michelle's unborn child: "say hi to the father thats if you know who it is."
Then came a sinister phone call. Michelle said: "It was a man's voice and he said, ‘I'm going to torch your car, with you in it'.
"The next morning I picked up the email from Kerry, sent in the early hours of Tuesday, saying exactly the same thing."
All the emails came through the Friends Reunited site from Jayne Katona — Kerry's middle name. She is listed as a former pupil of Padgate High School in Warrington, Cheshire.
Michelle, who was a bridesmaid at Kerry's wedding, said: "We used to talk about being on Friends Reunited.
"She uses the name Jayne to stop nutters from outside Warrington contacting her."
We put Michelle's claims to Kerry's spokesman Mr Clifford. This was his initial response:
Saturday, 1.15pm: "Everyone knows that Kerry is at her wit's end over the behaviour of this person (Michelle). Of course Kerry shouldn't have made these threats and said what she said. But I want to stress that she didn't mean those words. It was a hollow threat."
But for some strange reason he called us back 65 minutes later, frantically changing his tune.
2.20pm:"Kerry says she would never have threatened to trash Michelle's car. She swears on her babies' lives that it is not true."
Cheshire police have confirmed they are looking into the case.
"A complaint has been made and is under investigation," said a spokesman.
Kerry has attacked Michelle before — physically. Last December when they bumped into each other at Dublin airport she hit her with a suitcase.
"She was screaming at the top of her voice, ‘You're dead, you best be scared because you know I'll do it'," said Michelle. "The police are now monitoring my calls and emails—and I'm glad.
"Kerry has lost the plot—I just wish I'd never been friends with her. It wasn't worth this misery."

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