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понедельник, 17 октября 2016 г.


BIG Brother swordsman RUSSELL BRAND had his Big Mouth all over KIMBERLEY STEWART...and was then all over SADIE FROST just hours later.

The TV presenter partied with Kimberley until the early hours of Friday...then hopped, skipped and jumped over to Sadie at midday.

The pair, who share the same agent, shared some touchy-feely time together on London's Hampstead Heath.

An onlooker said: "They looked very cosy with Sadie sitting on his lap and her head on his shoulder.

"They whispering to each other and Russell was making her laugh."

The pair spent about an hour in the park before jumping into Sadie's Range Rover and driving off. Meanwhile, back to Russell's earlier conquest.

He and Kimberley met for the first time this week when they recorded Russell's MTV chatshow One Leicester Square on Monday afternoon.

And my sources tell me Rod's daughter was a dead cert to be Branded the minute Russell clapped his smouldering eyes on her.
"There was plenty of electricity in the studio," reveals my MTV insider.

"They were laughing and touching each other throughout the interview."

It's another score for Mockney Russ, who's also bedded Kate Moss, Big Brother babes Kate Lawler and Makosi plus glamour girl Cassie Sumner.

This man's just like the Duracell bunny!


    POSH has been secretly planning a SPICE GIRLS reunion dinner for next month.

    MEL B, EMMA BUNTON, MEL C and GERI HALLIWELL will all be there to work on their reunion. 

    It's also the band's 10th anniversary on July 8 and Mrs BECKHAM is planning to use one of the band's old merchandising as invites.

    Infamous svengali SIMON FULLER, who masterminded their careers, will also be present at Beckingham Palace with ten of his top management team. My source tells me: "They'll have an informal dinner and then get down to business about the reunion." 

    The band were due to tour this year but Mel C cancelled and last year Mel B pulled out of Live 8. But this time everyone is determined to get ALL five girls to deal.

    The source added: "The girls can't do the reunion without Simon. He still has a deal over their touring and merchandising."


    JOSS STONE looks Super Duper Lovely here. 

    The soul singer knocks the spots off other sunbathers as she frolics in the sea while on holiday in Barbados.

    But the youngster must be enjoying the longest break ever— her trip has lasted NINE WEEKS so far. And as you can see below, she's gone through quite a few bikinis in that time.


    LOOKS like we'll finally get the Lo-down on JENNIFER LOPEZ. 

    Her ex-hubby Ojani Noa is set to publish a warts-and-all book about life with the diva despite having signed a £70,000 deal not to air his dirty laundry. 

    But J-Lo is determined to get an injunction banning the book from publication.
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