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воскресенье, 9 октября 2016 г.

Sleep: four automassages for better sleep

Unable to sleep? Learn to massage you to key locations to let you go.

High outside temperatures, no dinner too wet or annoyance hackneyed, it takes little to deprive us of the arms of Morpheus. Chinese medicine, especially acupressure , can we avoid frantically tapping of the foot under the covers waiting to sink. Tonight we tried four automassages the face and body to achieve relaxation .

The face

Before you begin, warm your hands by rubbing the palms against each other. Then place them on your eyes closed, as long as you want. Breathe slowly and deeply. Heated hands palms, move them gently on the forehead outwards. Repeat the movement three times. With an index, draw a line in the forehead, the base of the nose to the hairline. Repeat the movement three times also. In the direction of clockwise, massage for a few minutes temples . With your index finger, slide along the sides of the nose, go around the lips and lightly massage the chin.

The earlobe

To relax, lie down and perform minor lobes pushups while kneading.

The ear includes many acupuncture points . To relax, lie down and perform minor lobes pushups while kneading. Repeat the movement as many times as you need to relax.

The wrists

Lying, massage the left wrist with your right thumb pressing on two points. The first is located on the inside of the wrist, just at the base of the hand, the second about two fingers below. strongly press two or three centimeters in diameter and rub in the direction of clockwise for a few minutes. Perform the same movement on the other wrist.

The feet

Rub the arch with your hand for heat. With your thumb, apply small circles in the direction of clockwise in the hollow of the foot. Then massage the toes from the base and pressing slightly towards the ends. Finish by tapping the top of the foot with the fingers.

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