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понедельник, 10 октября 2016 г.

Sleep: those tricks that you guarantee

Fundamental, sleep is one of the pillars of welfare. Yet it is not always easy to recover well. We listed the best tricks to preserve his sleep.

To appease his sleep and pamper your body the time it recovers, there are simple tricks, easy to implement to give up in the arms of Morpheus. As essential as eating or sleeping, sleep is the key to our physical and mental health. So many good reasons not to neglect it.

Although dinner for good sleep

Strange as it may seem, to sleep well , it is necessary to eat well. But be careful not to confuse quantity and quality! A balanced meal , taken up to two hours before bedtime, is the basic requirement to ensure a good sleep. So, opt for light and balanced meals, not too sweet or too fatty foods. At night, the vegetable protein (wheat, lentils ...) are invited in our plates instead of animal proteins reserved for lunch (tuna, beef ...). However, to banish from 16 hours stimulants such as tea , the coffee or nicotine fear of being a victim of serious insomnia.

Sport, the key to a restful sleep if ...

Physical activity can be beneficial to sleep, provided the practice correctly and avoid some pitfalls. For example, remember the late sports training, delaying the time of sleep. Indeed, release endorphins makes you feel good but also warms the body, which disrupts our biological clock. Results? This is ensured insomnia. Instead, put your sneakers and go running in the morning.

However, a mild physical activity like yoga can help sleep onset . Thirty minutes before bed, give yourself a relaxing break then promote a deep sleep. One of the most effective yoga postures to sleep is to lie on your back, arms at your sides, palms outstretched to the ceiling, and breathe as slowly and calmly as possible. The body becomes heavy and is preparing to sleep.

Tips for adopting a peaceful night

In these two major components of sleep add simple gestures. Your mattress is such decisive. Turn it regularly to prevent it deforms. Choose an ergonomic pillow for your preferred sleeping position (on the back, on the belly, on the side), a warm but light duvet ... It also avoids overheated rooms, even if we open the windows a few minutes before of sleeping. Finally, do not fight in front of the TV, the computer or on your book when sleep the train arrives, do not miss it!

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