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вторник, 18 октября 2016 г.

Sophie Anderton LOVE ISLAND LUST

By Rachel Richardson
And she's already fantasising about how she'll get jiggy in Fiji with a fit male contestant.
The lingerie model panted: "I will be gagging for it."
And she has plenty of talent to choose from: Shane Lynch, Brendan Cole, Lee Otway and Leo Ihenancho.
She could even end up in the love shack with old flame and former heroin addict Chris Brosnan.
Sophie, 29, has hot memories of her times with the 33-year-old adopted son of 007 star Pierce.
She said: "Chris is one of the best lovers I've ever had. I'd give him 10 out of 10.


"I was a teenager when we were together but I was a very naughty girl. I think there will be real fireworks when we're on the island together.
"Men always come back for more because they know they're going to have a good time with me."
And Sophie is promising plenty of good times ahead. "The sun does strange things to me," she warned. "First I will check where the cameras are and then let the boys I'm interested in know where we can go in private.
"The shower is a good bet. I've been promised I won't be filmed in there."
She's already got in some practice— showering that is—since arriving on the island ready for filming to start.
And she's also been topping up her tan on the beach with rival Colleen Shannon, while planning another way to lure the lucky lads.
"There will definitely be a lot of suntan lotion going on," she laughed.
"I love having my breasts massaged with it. I'll start by asking the boys to put a bit on my leg or something before pointing them in the right direction."
And if all else fails, the sexy brunette will attempt to slip a silent vibrator on to the island.
"I got lip balm into the jungle for I'm A Celebrity, so I will do my best this time round," she said.
Bidding to become Queen of Love Island is a world away from where Sophie started out—and the hell she's been through on her way to stardom.
She became one of the country's top models at 19 when she fronted the Gossard bra campaign after dropping out of school in Bristol.
Then she became hooked on cocaine and alcohol and has been in and out of rehab clinics, but is determined not to fall off the wagon during the show.


She said: "Chris and I will be there for each other. We'll probably end up laughing at all of the others getting drunk around us and we might even disappear off together for a bit of you know what!"
And if it's a quickie she's after, Chris (right) is the right man. He admits to having sex while speeding along the highway with a lover. He said: "We were in a car on the Pacific Coast Highway, driving up to Malibu. It wasn't quite hands-free. One of my hands was on the steering wheel for sure.
"Amazingly I didn't cross the white line. I had my eyes firmly on the road. I was looking forward and obeying all the road signs, but it was a thrill ride!" Sophie was devastated when she split from Chris but has had more than her fair share of high-profile, high-drama affairs since.
She dated millionaire's son Robert Hanson and South African businessman Greg Cartoulis before linking up with Chelsea goalie Mark Bosnich.
Their stormy affair ended the night she called police to their flat after another heated row.
Next up was nightclub boss Mark Alexiou, city trader Surhir Singh, and Bodyrockers star Kaz James.
And she even spent a night with Guns n' Roses hellraiser Axl Rose, 44 (right), after meeting him in a London club at her May birthday party.
"Come on," she said. "He's Axl Rose, and that's why I pulled him...and it was my birthday!"
One of Sophie's Island rivals, Playboy model Colleen Shannon, will be looking for a Brit of all right on the show.
Her manager Dove revealed the 24-year-old loves British accents and finds them a real turn-on. He said: "If the guys on Love Island have nice accents then Colleen will be hooked. She loves the way you guys talk."
Late-night telly viewers got an eyeful of Colleen's charms when she bared all for full-frontal sex scenes on Playboy TV. Meanwhile, soccer legend Paul Gascoigne will see more of daughter Bianca, 19, than he has for ages.
She said: "The last time we met was about a year and a half ago. He never even rings to say, ‘How are you?'"
The fallen idol—who battered Bianca's mum Sheryl —will be shocked to learn she told us: "The weirdest place I've had sex is on the beach."
Sounds like ideal training for the new series, dear.


RANDY Love Island stars will have nowhere to hide for a furtive fumble... because this year there's a camera in the toilet. 

The last series was more like LAV Island as Paul Danan and Nikki Ziering and Calum Best and Rebecca Loos turned the toilet into a hotbed of love action. 

So to beat the cheats TV bosses have installed cameras all over the Fiji island compound. 

The 11 stars will share a dormitory-style bedroom, so the only place budding lovers can be alone is the Love Shack. But that has cameras too. 

The small lodge, next to the main site, will be given to couples as a treat. 

The big house was still being built yesterday and a final layout has not been decided. 

But it will have a huge shower room plus a luxury kitchen and dining area. 

There's a plush pool and deck where the celebs can strip off to sunbathe and show their bodies. 

But the stars won't have a cushy life like last year, when contestants lounged by the pool all day and were waited on hand and foot. This time they'll be made to do JOBS and COOK and CLEAN. 

And every day couples will be paired up and forced to take part in tough tasks. 

A show insider said: "They will be challenged physically and mentally." 


Some of the plans include making the couples sleep outside the compound, build a raft or earn money by performing for the locals. 

Show bosses have deliberately picked an odd number of contestants—five male, six female—so that as they pair off one girl will be left a gooseberry. 

Meanwhile, the lads are desperate to impress and have been spending their final hours in the gym at their hotel toning up to look good around the pool. 

But the girls have struggled with their luggage. Before flying out Sophie Anderton spent £30,000 on 65 bikinis, but she's been told she can't take them all in. 

Our insider said: "Even if she makes it to the end, the show only lasts 49 days!" 

The format has been tweaked since last year. 

We can reveal that this time there is NO prize money for the winning couple. 

There will also be regular evictions every Friday night. The first will take place this week following a viewer vote.

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