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вторник, 25 октября 2016 г.

Spicy salsa and sex secrets

THE salsa-dancing Army corporal accused of spying for Iran lured a blonde into bed with a series of special manoeuvres.
Military aide Daniel James boogaloo-ed with Latin-loving Susan Wright after cha-cha-chasing her around the dancefloor.
But the affair pitta-d out when he took her for dinner at a grotty kebab shop and she told him to Foxtrot Oscar.
And Susan told the News of the World: "I'm glad he's no longer in my life."
This week James, 44, was charged with passing military secrets to a foreign power while working as an interpreter for General David Richards, commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan.
And, we can reveal, Iranian-born James drew up the perfect battle plan to seduce Susan. The pair made love on their second date after hotfooting it to her home from an evening salsa session.
Susan said: "When we got in, Daniel put on the stereo and picked out a salsa CD.
"He turned the music up and we got dancing. He had bulging muscles that I could feel digging in my back as we whisked around the room.
"We didn't make it into the bedroom, we didn't even get out of the lounge. We started having sex to the beat of the music. He definitely knew how to satisfy me."
The couple first met at dance classes in the basement of Brighton's West Beach Hotel. Susan, 42, from Worthing, West Sussex, said: "He was very affectionate from the start, calling me darling."
But three weeks into their romance he took her out for a kebab. Susan said: "Something didn't smell right—and I'm not talking about the kebab.I went right off him. He was just dating me on the cheap." He was also a double agent. James made a play for dancer Danuta Kostrzanowska, 44, and took her to the same kebab shop. She said: "I stopped seeing him when I found out he was dating Sue."
Susan said: "I haven't seen him for ages but I'm really shocked at what's happened to him this week."
James has been remanded in custody until December 27.

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