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пятница, 28 октября 2016 г.

The Collectionist: upscale Airbnb

"Every month we are offered a hundred villas. We retain only the best, "Max Aniort, cofounder of Collectionist.DR
With, Max wants Aniort "ubériser" upscale hotels offering to rent dream villas. Now even luxury is soluble in collaborative economy. How did you get the idea? Max Aniort. It all started with the rental on the Internet of an apartment in Barcelona, enough luxury.Arriving there, he was not up to our expectations and there was no alternative offers responding to our request. So we had the idea to create the Collectionist with two associates. We started with St Tropez and Deauville. Without an adequate supply, the results were not good the first year. Today we have a portfolio of more than 1,000 homes over a hundred different destinations.
How do you unearth your houses?
Difficult to define our criteria. The real rule is the favorite! Our correspondents engaged in the exploration but most owners are themselves present us well. We keep only 30 to 50% of the proposals received on the hundred per month. It retains only the homes that make us dream, both in design as the destination!
Who are your customers?
They are 80% foreigners, mostly British, European, Russian and finally Middle Eastern and American. 20% of French instead opt for France. We support especially on winter sports or on long stays. Last summer, a lot of them left in Greece.
Our service is around 100,000 euros per week for a 5 bedroom villa
You please only the super-rich?
We appeal to wealthy clients, flavorful, but not to an elite of multibillion dollar. A message that we have trouble getting our French clients. Our service is on average around 10,000 euros per week for a 5 bedroom villa, which amounts to 285 euros per night per room ... a benefit equal to a 4 or 5-star.
What is your personal heart stroke? 
The Sandro villa. It is a private island attached to Maurice that can accommodate 8 people. Affordable in our catalog off-season is our destination Robinson Crusoe chic '.
You offer a concierge service for each villa. What was the craziest requests?
Rent a balloon, finding a sled and dogs in the Alps, organize a riding session with an Olympic champion in Portugal ... We also created in Courchevel massage parlor in full nature. Some customers sometimes request a particular model of car or boat. Their imagination is sometimes limitless. 

Ulusaba Lodge© DR

Ulusaba Lodge: safari villa in gold prices ...

Having breakfast watching the giraffes, it is possible by renting the villa with 21 rooms in the heart of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa.And for the price, you are entitled to two safaris every day.

Villa Igavik© DR

Villa Igavik: Lowest

This house in Sainte-Maxime is affordable ... provided there come 10 to a minimum (30 euros a night per person). With stunning views of Saint-Tropez, it has 5 bedrooms, a helipad and a barbecue ....

Villa Miliana© DR

Villa Miliana: villas "at the movies"

Behind the scenes of "Cast Away" is hidden the villa Miliana in Fiji, where the team was staying. Finally, Tom Hanks ... Without the star, but with breakfast included, it will cost 3740 euros(3000$) a night to stay there. If you want to play James Bond, two possibilities: Stefano villa in Talamone, Tuscany, as in "Quantum of Solace" (about 2000 euros a night) or Sylva villa in Corfu, as in "For Your Eyes Only "(from 3130 euros to 5990 euros).

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