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суббота, 15 октября 2016 г.

The daughter of Cindy Crawford beauty became the face for Marc Jacobs

At 15, Kaia Gerber, which multiplies the prestigious fashion shoots and contracts, has been named muse of Marc Jacobs beauty.

As is now customary in the world of beauty is on Instagram account Marc Jacobs Beauty that was announced: the designer has set his sights on Kaia Gerber, who became the face of his line makeup 2017. for now, these are photographs of scenes of the shooting of the campaign that were published on the social network. We discover the young girl, whose resemblance to her mother Cindy Crawford is more than striking, embossed with highlighted hair and eyes with a stroke of eyeliner very graphic.

The cast of the campaign Alexander Wang , muse of the collection of sunglasses Miu Miu, Kaia Gerber is a teenager who already in the footsteps of celebrity inherited from his parents, as Lily-Rose Melody Depp , Willow Smith or Iris Law . Only 15 years old, the girl was a pro already well-oiled speeches. She told the US magazine Allure that she was "honored to be the first beauty campaign with Marc Jacobs," which for her "is an icon in the fashion industry." And see if the muses prestigious cast of New York designer, like Susan Sarandon , Courtney Love and Winona Ryder (who represented the Marc Jacobs makeup line ), the new recruit is expected soon, too, attract the light.

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