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среда, 5 октября 2016 г.

The "goat yoga" yoga ... surrounded by goats!

Since the beginning of the summer, an American puts his farm available amateur yogis of nature and animal touch.

A new member has made ​​its arrival in the family of unusual yogas . After the "doga" or dog yoga, the rebel yoga or yoga beer, made ​​up the "goat yoga," understand: the goat yoga. Obviously, the animal makes no sun salutation on a floor mat. More than just a course, it is more of a retreat yoga during which the sequence of postures takes place ... in the middle of the goats.

The concept comes from the United States took shape in a rather fortuitous. Lainey Morse owns a farm very cozy in Oregon, called "No Regret" . When the woman organizing the birthday party of his son, a mother of yoga instructor asked permission to occupy his land to provide courses and enjoy the breathtaking mountain views. The owner accepts and organizes a lesson. But at the meeting, the guests are more than expected. Sitting on their mats, participants were surprised to see the goats from the farm to join them. Success is among yogis. Lainey Morse decided to repeat the phrase "yoga goat."

A "goat happy hour" 10 U $

The session costs 10 dollars (about 8.90 euros) and includes yoga classes, a sunset and a glass of wine. The owner of the farm is riding the trend of returning to nature and boasts the relaxing power of animals. Result: since their introduction in early summer, pensions are attracting more and more aspiring yogis. It is rumored that some people travel more than 100 kilometers to hope to attend one of the sessions and meetings are complete until spring 2017.

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