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понедельник, 10 октября 2016 г.

The key moments of the second debate Trump - Clinton

The second presidential debate between Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton on the night of Sunday to Monday in Missouri. Selected pieces.
After a disastrous weekend in terms of communication for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton could have sealed his fate, but the Democratic candidate did not score enough points to bury the candidacy of his opponent, even if the first polls give the winner to outcome of this second debate.

Sexual assault charges

The publication of a video in which Donald Trump boasted that he could "grab a woman by the cat" and get away with his fame has precipitated a flood of criticism against it, including within the Republican Party. But without an apology to women affected by these shocking comments, the Republican candidate said: "I am not proud, I apologized to my family and Americans", explaining once again that he s 'were' locker room discussions. " "I do not think you understand," he said.

Donald Trump had welcomed, following the first debate, for not having addressed the accusations against Bill Clinton. The Republican candidate has not hesitated in the second debate: the first row, invited by Donald Trump, were three women who accused the former president of sexual assault . Earlier in the day, he even gave a press conference with them. "If you look at Bill Clinton, it's much worse."
Accusations that Hillary Clinton has not mentioned, ensuring that the Donald Trump of the video "is quite her": "We have seen insulting women, we have seen record the women on their appearance , rank from one to ten. "

Threat of prison

Donald Trump has once again hit where it hurts for Hillary Clinton, namely the case of emails that plagues his campaign for months. "If I win, I will instruct my Minister of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor to shed light on your situation, because there's never been so many lies, so many hidden things." If he was in power, "you'd be in jail," he launched his opponent.
The latter remained calm, replied: "I know you are trying to create a diversion." "He lives in an alternate reality," she said.


To each his weakness: Donald Trump still has not released his tax returns and Hillary Clinton did not fail to point this out. She said it was "fun" to see the candidate "who paid no income taxes for 20 years to explain what he will do" on taxation. 


Russia, accused by Washington of being behind the leak to the Democratic Party and the campaign of Hillary Clinton, was raised during the debate. "Never in the history of our country, have we found ourselves in a situation where an opponent, a foreign power, tried so hard to influence the outcome of this election." 


Donald Trump assured it would be good to ally with Russia to bomb the positions of Daech Syria. "Russia has shown no interest in the Islamic state. The only thing that interests them is to keep Assad in power, "insisted the former Secretary of State. It also requested the launch of an investigation into war crimes in Syria.

Captain Khan

Hillary Clinton recalled the memory of Humayan Khan, a US soldier killed in Iraq whose parents spoke at the Democratic Convention to support the former secretary of state, and that the Republican candidate was attacked . Donald Trump replied, evoking again with error position on sending troops to Iraq: "Captain Khan was a hero. If I were president, he would still be alive. Unlike her, I would not have sent troops to Iraq. "
Khizr Khan, the father of deceased soldier, issued a statement after the debate: "We know that our son, Captain Humayan Khan, is an American hero. We also know that Donald Trump is not telling the truth when he said he was opposed to the war in Iraq. Our son has served this country with honor and distinction, and made the ultimate sacrifice. The only thing that Donald Trump is sacrificing the truth. "

The final word

The last question came from the audience, encouraged the candidates to mention a quality to his opponent. Hillary Clinton praised the dedication of the children of Donald Trump, "incredibly capable and committed, and I think it says a lot about Donald."
Republican replied, "I disagree with most of what she fights but this is a fighter."
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton played out a handshake at the initiative of the Republican candidate.

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