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понедельник, 10 октября 2016 г.

This weekend, a horde of zombies prowled in Paris (14 pic)

Saturday afternoon was held in Paris the "Zombie Walk". The opportunity for fans of horror films to take the appearance of a living dead for several hours. 

Alert zombies. For the ninth consecutive year, Paris hosted the "Zombie Walk", an event which is to gather a maximum of people dressed as undead. Saturday at 13h, hundreds of people were huddled in the Republic Square, at 15h to head to the Place des Vosges.

To prepare for the march, the organization had erected a "good Z Guide", in which she gave advice to participants to wear makeup but also their behavior to adopt during the event. "For safety reasons, it's best not to get in the middle of the march to shoot the zombie, it can become dangerous in case of sudden movement (from zombies would be amazing but you never know)," perhaps reads the written notice with a humorous tone.
Saturday, fans of the series "Walking Dead" were well appointment.Participants out all the stops: gashes to the face, œils less, broken jaws, coagulated blood ... Spectators were also the part but away from the horde. "Stomach growling was, hunger is growing at the sight of all this human flesh available but, if a human can eat while walking it with gentleness and respect", specified the organizers. 

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