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четверг, 27 октября 2016 г.

Top 10 best films of Tom Cruise

Back on the big screen in the role of "Jack Reacher," Tom Cruise, the actor, has enabled its producers, including himself, raised more than $ 3 billion since the beginning of his career only north American soil. 

This is the most bankable actor of his generation, one of the biggest male stars Hollywood has ever known. Its almost unchallenged reign lasted 1983 and "Risky Business" followed three years later by "Top Gun".Seventeen of his films have crossed the symbolic threshold of one hundred million dollars collected on North American soil. Editor of Paris Match offers a Top 10 best films of Tom Cruise .
1. saga "Mission impossible"
Impossible not to mention the major role of Tom Cruise of his last twenty years: that of Ethan Hunt in the saga "Mission impossible" - five episodes already pending future action. direct competitor of a James Bond English older, the American super-spy the carnivorous smile, hair in the wind and all the attributes of an immortal superhero. Brian de Palma, John Woo, JJ Abrams, Brad Bird and Christopher McQuarrie recently have all been hired to develop the product: Tom Cruise in God's action movies. This works perfectly: there are countless converts worldwide ... 

2. "Minority Report" Steven Spielberg
A What makes a great movie? When he does not age, both in terms of the direction that the substantive debate it provokes. Tom Cruise is perfect in this Orwellian fable about temptation of a society becomes totalitarian to ensure its own security. And who other than Tom Cruise can embody both the action movie hero without fear and without reproach and an infallible man who begins to doubt? This great anticipation Steven Spielberg film is a masterpiece of the genre, the best adaptation of a work by Philip K. Dick, ambiguous end included.
3. "Eyes Wide Shut" of Stanley Kubrick
Greatest director of all time - sorry Alfred Hitchcock - Stanley Kubrick offers the luxury to hire the hottest Hollywood couple, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman for what will be his last film. The marriage of the two stars do not come out also free from psychoanalysis on film. Nicole Kidman she's acting when she confesses to her husband-actor succumb to temptation in his erotic dreams? Man gradually loses its certainty, Dr. Bill Harford is interpreted by Tom Cruise totally deprived of his manhood by a director castrating the top of his game. Anecdotally, Stanley Kubrick, a perfectionist before the Lord would have multiplied catches seemingly insignificant scenes that Tom Cruise stops to "play" ...
4. "Magnolia" by Paul Thomas Anderson
In the middle of the ensemble film by Paul Thomas Anderson and his spectacular cast, the performance of Cruise stands. It's Frank Mackey, speaker-guru who teaches beautiful macho morons to "tame pussy" by having "respect the cock." Possessed, arrogant, vulgar, carnivorous, ridicule before crashing ... for this role, one of the strongest of his career he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and won the Golden Globe that category.
5. "Collateral" by Michael Mann
Ten years after "Heat", Michael Mann returns to thriller to offer the player the only role of his career nasty ... and one of the most attractive.Relentless as death he came distribute all over LA, Tom Cruise is chilling in methodical hit man and detached. Yet, as his cold mechanics is seized by the passive resistance of Jamie Foxx, the actor reveals with finesse a little man hidden in the killing machine.
6. "Rain Man" Barry Levinson

Exist opposite Dustin Hoffman takes the test of fire for any American actor who respects. If it is not the "Rain Man" of the title and leaves his playing partner win the golden statuette, Tom Cruise earns its stripes dramatic actor when he was until the young seducer with long teeth tore Hollywood. 
7. "War of the Worlds" by Steven Spielberg
In 2005, Cruise finds the director of the fabulous "Minority Report" for a classic SF. In "War of the Worlds", the actor portrays a "spielbergien" hero can: divorced father who seeks the love of his kids and lowly blue collar faced with an extraordinary phenomenon. Cruise, indestructible savior of mankind usually excels in the role. Unfortunately, the public does not retain its performance, parasitized by his follies on the couch of Oprah Winfrey, a week before the film's release ... 
8. "Men of honor" Rob Reiner

Paul Newman ( "The Color of Money"), Dustin Hoffman ( "Rain Man") beginner Tom Cruise has always loved to face the great cinema. In 1992, already megastar but still young first, he confronts Jack Nicholson, devious army colonel whose iron discipline would have resulted in the death of a marine. This classic "legal drama" with its signed script of Aaron Sorkin, offers two players the opportunity to memorable tussles in court.
9. "Edge of Tomorrow" by Doug Liman

After a handful of films in the semi shade ( "Rock of Ages", "Oblivion"), Tom Cruise becomes the star of blockbuster with this playful SF, where when "Groundhog Day" takes place during "Independence Day." A role almost against job to Tom Cruise, timid press officer of the army swung open landing next to the Joan of Arc of the future, Emily Blunt. But again, Cruise carries the film.  
10. "Born on July 4" Oliver Stone 
If the film has taken some wrinkles in terms of the staging with its effects very eighties, Tom Cruise passes the test of physical transformation for the role of Ron Kovic, Vietnam veteran wounded in her flesh back from hell by peace activist. It gets to this film the first of his three Oscar nominations for best actor before "Jerry Maguire" and "Magnolia."

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