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суббота, 1 октября 2016 г.

UNDIE-COVER: Donna Air sensational movie debut

AIR'S a sight for sore eyes. It's model mum Donna Air flashing her sexy curves in her first major movie, Bad Day.

Donna, 27, plays undie-cover cop Abby Barrett who tracks down a renegade colleague bent on avenging a family murder in the British-made film.
And she certainly proves to be an arresting sight, as our exclusive pictures show.
A Bad Day insider revealed: "Donna plays her part fantastically and looks absolutely stunning.
"This film could really help set her up as a star in Hollywood."
The thriller, shot in London, also stars Girls Aloud beauty Sarah Harding, 25, and ex-Casualty cracker Claire Goose, 31.
The source added: "There's a great cast with some of the best young British acting talent about.
"The critics are going to love it."
And judging by our snaps, Donna will be the one basque-ing in all the glory.

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