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суббота, 29 октября 2016 г.

Web Raid: Compare Fonts

Yesterday, I featured the Color Jack: Sphere tool. It’s a really handy tool for web designers as a few of my friends who saw it (and used it) yesterday said. Now as a web designer, choosing colors is just part of it. Remember that people surf because of content. And a great part of your content will be dependent on text. So for design considerations, you must be able to choose which font would be best for your design.
Here’s a great site that lets you preview fonts live on the web - Typetester. The site lets you preview a particular font family, with your custom background and font color with the different font-styles (regular, bold, bold-italic, italic, small caps, uppercase…). It lets your preview and compare 3 different font families at the same time. The site features the default font families for Mac and Windows.
What makes this site even better is that it can generate the CSS for your chosen font preview.

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