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понедельник, 24 октября 2016 г.

When Salma Hayek gets picked by Donald Trump

Dredged by Donald Trump it several years ago, Salma Hayek tells the heaviness of the Republican candidate for the US presidency. 

When she was asked about Donald Trump, accused of sexual assault by several women , Salma Hayek claimed to be convinced that these accusations are true. She says besides having suffered itself the burden of the Republican candidate in the past, in an interview with the Los Angeles radio "Radio Centro" . "When I met this man last few years, I had someone in my life. He tried to be his friend, to get my phone number, "says the actress of 50 years. 

She adds: "When I told him I would not go out with him, even if I was single - it took for disrespect - he called the" National Enquirer ", well I do not know he called himself, but it was written in the tabloid that it was he who would not go out with me because I was too small. "A turnaround that Salma Hayek has not really appreciated but that did not stop Donald Trump to return to the load.

second attempt

The billionaire has offered another appointment: "He later called me and leave me a message:"? Can you imagine it Who would have said that I do not want people to think that you " . He thought that I would agree to go out with him. "Not fooled Game Donald Trump, Salma Hayek has never accepted and never contacted again. The actress does not want Donald Trump as president of the United States, he supports the candidacy of Hillary Clinton .

In the columns of "Red Magazine," Salma Hayek was speaking about his sexuality.

Salma Hayek is a happy wife and mother filled. The 49-year-old actress has been married since 2009 to businessman Francois-Henri Pinault.Together they had a daughter, 8 years old today, Valentina, who just like mom, is very involved in humanitarian causes. Last Christmas, the girl decided to give her hair a sick child. In this regard, Salma Hayek had told News Of The World.Top : "It's his idea. Her hair is long, it is very complicated every morning to style. And besides, it's heavy to carry. She wants to cut the square, we must wait until this summer so she can give a good amount of hair to a sick child. "
Salma Hayek: "Sex is not the key to a happy marriage"

"If you do all the time, it loses its charm"

Regarding her marriage, to continue to live happy, Salma has a secret: keep the flame and do not sleep with her husband every day, for fear of tiring. "Sex is not the key to a happy marriage but only a side effect. And it's not every day. If you do all the time, it loses its charm. It's very important to continue this alchemy in a relationship, "she says in the columns of " Red Magazine " .
For Salma, keep the flame is therefore not necessarily happening under the covers. She said the key is elsewhere. "You must continue to laugh, to discover the other, spending time with each other, to be romantic ... A good marriage filled with love, is my greatest achievement."
The couple traveled last weekend to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis, alongside George Clooney and Amal .
When promoting his film "The Prophet", Salma Hayek agreed to mention the generous gesture of her daughter Valentina. 

There are some days on his Instagram account , Salma Hayek posted a photo of her daughter Valentina, barely 9 years old. In legend, these few words: "My daughter Valentina allowed to grow his magnificent mane and cut the power to give to make a wig for a child with cancer. Now that's the spirit of Christmas. " The actress of 49 years is proud of the committed act, serving a good cause greater than his little girl adored. 
Very committed activist for women's rights and for all humanitarian and political causes around the globe, Salma was counting transmit their role as citizens of the world and the willingness to fight for a better world to Valentina. But it seems that the girl is already taken their cue from mom.Give her hair? "It was his idea", says the actress proudly. "His hair is long.It's very complicated every morning to style. And besides, it's heavy to carry. " Salma then adds: "She wants to cut into square, so you have to wait until this summer so she can give a good amount of hair to a sick child." 

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