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суббота, 1 октября 2016 г.

Young Americans have less and less sex

SEX - Young Americans today have less sex than previous generations despite the proliferation of internet applications and dating sites and a more tolerant attitude to sex before marriage, according to a study published Tuesday, August 2nd.

The researchers focused on "millenials", born in the 1990s and found that this population group was the most sexually inactive for the period of the Great Depression of the 1920s.
"The only other generation showed a higher rate of sexual inactivity was that of people born in the 1920s" and notes the study conducted by researchers at Florida Atlantic University and published in Archives of Sexual Behavior.
According to this publication, Americans aged 20 to 24 are much less likely to report sexual partners after age 18 than those born in the late 1960s.
Thus, 15% of 20-24 year olds had no sexual partner after 18 years, against only 6% for those born in the 1960s.
The young-they just take their time?
"This study really contradicts the notion that millenials are particularly free generation, an idea spread by the dating apps like Tinder for example, suggesting that they are just looking for casual sex," said Ryne Sherman , associate professor of psychology at the University of Florida. "Our data show that this is not the case at all," he adds. Young women are twice less sexually active than men.
Ryne Sherman noted that the reasons for this change are complex but may include more sex education, greater distrust against sexually transmitted diseases, easy access to pornography and perhaps a different definition of generations what a sexual relationship, as it involves or not oral sex for example. Know what a sexual relationship and be able to watch the video does not lead to more real sex for young people, yet the study said.
The study also notes that under millenials have their driver's license or have an employment, suggesting that they "ripen more slowly than those born in the 1980s."The Washington Post interviewed several researchers on the subject to understand the possible causes of this development, but difficult to be assertive as they are numerous: more late transition to adulthood, work pressures, social networks and smartphones or changing mores are so many avenues explored.

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