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четверг, 17 ноября 2016 г.

5 Shopping Trip Tips

Ever had one of those unfortunate accident where your tub of ice cream melted in the car because you got caught in a traffic jam on a hot summer afternoon? Here are some shopping trip tips for you:
  • If you have spare cooler, you might want to bring one along to store your frozen items.
  • Purchase frozen foods last so they won’t be exposed to changes in temperature. That might spoil them.
  • One trick stores do is to place brand name items at eye-level since they’re a bit pricier. You might score on value if you look at other levels of the shelves.
  • Beware of bundled items. You might be paying the same price or even more. And chances are you don’t need that much. Or in cases of two different products, you might not need the other one.
  • Plain and simple. Keep (and follow!) a grocery list.

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