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четверг, 3 ноября 2016 г.

BMW unveils its motorcycle of the future

For its 100th anniversary, the German manufacturer BMW presented its vision of the bike of the future, the Motorrad Next Vision 100, a technology toy.

"Total freedom." This was felt Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad, when he straddled the Motorrad 100. Next Vision Unveiled for the first time Tuesday in Los Angeles for the 100 th anniversary of the German manufacturer, this prototype embodies the futuristic vision of the brand.
Side look, she adopts minimalist lines but a triangular frame that deliberately recalls the very first BMW, the R32 of 1923. In profile, it nevertheless gives the appearance of a basic, with an engine block installed in the middle of the frame. It adopts the shape of the traditional twin the manufacturer, but is free from transmission and exhausts since it is electric. "At rest, he married the bike with just. But from the first laps, engine block extends laterally. It optimizes aerodynamics and protection against bad weather en route, "argues the manufacturer in a statement.To strengthen the lines of the bike, the shock absorbers were replaced by self-damping tires that have the ability to change their structure depending on the road surface.

Future forces, the Motorrad Next Vision 100 carries with it a lot of new technology. It is equipped with intelligent systems that balance the bike."Beginners will reliably assisted, fall become impossible (...) the bike does not spill even when the driver is already down," it said. These systems also help increase driver safety by indicating the actions required along the way. If necessary, they can also intervene on the way to protect it. With these devices which we do not know the details, "the usual safety equipment, such as headphones or reinforcements are no longer necessary," says BMW.

A head-mounted driving assistant

To interact with the bike accessory is essential: the Visor. This HMD planning data in real time in the driver's field of vision without interfering."The bike knows the downstream stretch of road through the full interconnection with environmental data and intelligence systems running in the background. Based on this information, the driver receives information on the ideal line, the inclination when cornering or potential hazards, "says Holger Hampf engineer at BMW. Via this toy, the driver can also have a mirror function by looking up, and display a map lowering. 

If all this leaves more or less dreamy, this machine can obviously not take the road anytime soon. Heinrich admit that riding a motorcycle without protection remains for the moment a fantasy because the helmet is mandatory in many countries, and that self-balancing technology based on gyroscopes, is still at the stage of development. While the auto industry expects the development of the autonomous car, BMW seems to have removed the autopilot concerns.

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