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понедельник, 14 ноября 2016 г.

BOXING: Ricky Hatton LA spectacular

RICKY HATTON is using taunts about his weight as motivation in his bid to reclaim his old world title.
Manchester's Hatton, who has a lifelong deal to be given his favourite Holland's meat pies if he wins, admits he piles on the pounds between fights.
But with his IBF world light-welterweight showdown against champion Juan Urango in Las Vegas just six days away, Hatton insisted he does not worry about his waistline.

Press play to watch Ricky training

Hatton, 28, said: "I go around a bit chubby at times and have a laugh at any comments. It doesn't upset me when anybody says: ‘Oh, isn't he fat?'
"Some celebrities are so obsessed about putting on weight. They worry over what they look like and what the public feels. It tends to get them down.
"They fall for the hype and the desire to be slim.

"But the ‘fat boy' thing is something I use to have a go back at the knockers. People have been having a pop at me for five or six years now.
"In that time I've won three world titles in two different weight categories and now I'm going for my fourth.
"Most fighters probably only need eight weeks to prepare for a fight but I have to give myself extra time to shed the surplus weight.
"You can't cheat or cut corners and I find I thrive on that challenge and the 100 per cent effort needed in training. I then carry that intensity into the ring.
"I cannot retain my full strength if I try to take off more than two stone in a shorter period and be as strong as a bull.
"Nobody knows your body better than yourself. I understand mine exactly — and I've gone 41 bouts unbeaten.
"Some of my heroes like Barry McGuigan and Naseem Hamed didn't have 41 fights in their whole careers but I'm still going strong — and I believe the best is yet to come."
Hatton used the criticism to inspire him to victory over legendary Aussie Kostya Tszyu in 2005. He added: "Before that fight, I heard critics complaining I was too overweight and was going to be knocked out in a few rounds.
"That is why I had the T-shirt made with the slogan ‘There's only one Ricky Fatton'.
"I've had another one made now because the criticism has started again. But I know I need to deliver a big performance against Urango.
"I want to show those who say my career has not moved on since Tszyu. I put myself and my family through heartache to reach where I am now — and I'm still not satisfied."

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