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пятница, 4 ноября 2016 г.

Citroën CXPERIENCE, future premium sedan

 RÉVÉLATION- Main attraction of the next show in Paris, the concept CXPERIENCE revives the project of an experienced tourer while it moves the lines.

Since the PSA group decided to amputate the rafters of DS and entrust the reins of upscale its new brand, voices are questioning the fate Citroën . The decision imposing the redefinition of the territory of expression of each of the three brands of the French group, has created many misunderstandings and uncertainty as to the role now assigned to Citroen. If, for lack of sufficient resources to make all of the sites, the answers have been slow to come, the future begins to brighten every day.
With CXPERIENCE, Citroën reaffirms its commitment to remain in the high-end
Jean-Pierre Ploué, Design Director PSA
Under the slogan "be different, feel good" associated with differentiation of values, comfort and wellbeing, the new Citroën range begins to take shape. After the concept Aircross last year that foreshadows an SUV in less than two years, the public's Paris Motor Show will discover that the firm has always been governed by extreme and known for his daring and avant-garde n ' has not given up on offering a large sedan. Its historical and technical heritage confers legitimacy to pick up the thread of a story interrupted since the abandonment of the C6 whose lines beautifully withstand the test of time.
In the wheels of the CX

The front retains the dual-port grille lights but evolves with hairpin and active aerodynamic flaps.
Responding on behalf of CP16 code, the concept of Paris, like all projects Designer Office, the result of an internal competition. Gregory Blanchet, the winner does not hide to have drawn some of its inspiration from the CX and C6. At the same time, he stressed the important role played by Vincent Barbereau, the modeler who was able to interpret his sketches to give substance to surfaces whose curves and subtle reliefs are perfectly light. Finally called CXPERIENCE, the study shows a sacred presence, without aggression. Camped on huge 22-inch wheels, this sedan of 4.85 m long is in line with the codes in vogue at Citroen.

Exercise is devoid of frills, almost monolithic. Through this aerodynamic design (components and mobile flaps in the shield) and lowered (1.37 m high), there are several common denominators to large Citroën as asymmetry in treatment between the front and back, really bold with, above the wheel arch, the clean cut of the shell supposed to recall the streamlined wheel of the CX. At the start of the project, this concept should not exceed 1.35 m in height but the guard at the rear passenger roof was too low.
The treatment of back surprises with his body broken line above the wheel arch, its lights 3D rear window and falling heavily.
Inheritance also transpires through the flared windshield very tilted, the dual-port grille, dug sides, long wheelbase and the concave rear window. The latter fall more heavily than usual on a later almost too bulbous and maintaining the illusion of dealing with a notchback. The team led by Alexandre Malval has pulled it off. This concept moves the lines.
A soothing and warm cocoon

"War of the Buttons, it's over," warns a design member. So when the two opposing doors and indented in the pavilion are deployed on a passenger without a central foot, one is hardly surprised to find a space free of buttons and commands. "We just kept the button to activate the hazard warning lights, mandatory, and that of the stop & start", says Jean-Arthur Madelaine Advenier, head of interior design. All commands are now grouped in a huge touch pad (19 inch 16/3 format). Its screen can be divided into multiple windows.

The designers have made themselves pleasure in creating a true mobile salon. The making of yellow woven mesh seat and the drawing of the seats belong to the world of furniture and decoration. The soft armchairs falls within the world of bedding.
This concept shows that the premium is not necessarily associated with the leather
Jean-Pierre Ploué, director of PSA design
The shape of the dashboard is just as spectacular. Made of walnut leaf screened in 3D, it apes open wooden log. This piece in the cavity covered textile yellow belt the cockpit. If the monoline wheel refers to the CX, the technology is now well with a last cry connectivity.
The roaring rafters

Its specifications announced a capacity of nearly 300 horsepower. But useless to seek a V8 or V6 under the hood. The study CXPERIENCE strenna rechargeable hybrid powertrain being developed at PSA. This technology will enable compliance with the commitments on carbon footprint reduction is an excellent opportunity to address the lack Catalogue powerful gasoline engines.
Seating comfort is a major focus of this premium concept.
It combines a 4-cylinder direct-injection 1.6-liter petrol can deliver up to 200 hp with an electric motor of 80 kW (108 hp). The ZEV allow a reach of 60 km without rejecting a single pollutant. As for ride comfort, with the abandonment of the hydropneumatic suspension, it innovates with shock absorbers hydraulic stops.
The fate of the CXPERIENCE is désormai suspended the reactions of the public in Paris. But according to some indiscretions, his language forms could inspire a future compact sedan.

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