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среда, 9 ноября 2016 г.

DISHY Danielle Lloyd loved having sex in the bath and shower,

DISHY Danielle Lloyd loved having sex in the bath and shower, her ex-boyfriend has revealed.
Lucky Kenny Williams said his steamy romps with the Celebrity Big Brother babe were "mind-blowing".
And he told how the model got a thrill from having her shapely bottom slapped.

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Kenny, 29, a bathroom delivery driver, said: "The sex was wild. She knew what she wanted and took the lead.
"She liked a gentle spanking and she left me covered in scratches. We had sex in the bath a few times and she loved it. I'd run the bath deep and hot and we'd climb in and soap each other's bodies before making love.
"Danielle loved sex in the shower too. I'd cover her with bubbles, she'd lean against the tiles and I'd stroke her body as we did it. My favourite part was her bum.
"We had sex as often as we could for two months, in every position you could imagine. She'd make sure I was happy too. I thought she really liked me."
But the relationship fizzled out as ambitious Danielle devoted more time to her career.
The Liverpool lass, 23, went on to win the Miss Great Britain crown but was sacked for dating judge Teddy Sheringham and for posing topless in Playboy.
Kenny (right) had been besotted with Danielle for months before they were introduced in a Liverpool nightclub in June 2005.
Danielle, who in our saucy online video tells how she loves to strip and go knickerless, used a beauty contest to seduce him.
Kenny, right, said: "She invited me to the Miss Liverpool competition. Afterwards we got a taxi back to my place in Anfield. I poured a couple of Jack Daniel's and cokes and we listened to dance music. I kissed her.
"She had a short denim skirt on and I was stroking her legs right up to her red G-string. It took her no time to get my shirt off.
"We ripped each other's clothes off as soon as we got in the bedroom and fell on the bed. She pushed me back and climbed on top of me. She was scratching me all over but I didn't care." The pair shared a night of passion that left Kenny "exhausted".

Recalling their next date, he said: "We did it even more positions. She was unshockable.
"I felt like I was the luckiest bloke in Liverpool. Then it all ended. I was gutted."
Months later Kenny was stunned to read that Danielle was dating West Ham star Teddy, 40.
He said: "She'd become a WAG and looked like she'd had a boob job."

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