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суббота, 5 ноября 2016 г.

Donald Trump in 1991: "I am the world heavyweight champion"

After the financial crisis of 1990, which was almost ruined, the billionaire announced his comeback us to business. And in his heart, Ivana was replaced by beautiful Marla Maples. An interview published in Paris Match n ° 2208 of 19 September 1991.
Donald Trump and Marla Maples Trump Palace at the top of the building in the trendy Manhattan in the year 1991.

Paris Match. Seeming to confirm your silence in recent months, the same question continues to circulate in the international business community: Donald Trump is it ruined?
Donald Trump. No, I'm not ruined. And the Trump empire has been dismantled, as could hear it here and there. The United States have come through a severe economic depression, similar in some cities of the Northeast, in 1929. No one has escaped me no more than another. To reduce my debt, I had to sell several hundred million dollars of secondary assets I had. I think I have succeeded. My debt has now decreased considerably, and the Trump group is doing well. While the US economy appears to initiate a recovery in Atlantic City one of my casinos, the Taj Mahal, just defeated in August all revenue records in the game's history: $ 40 million. And in New York, my hotel, the Plaza full.
Most of these painful choices you have been imposed by the bankers, who have stepped ultimatums. How did you feel separated you from all the trophies Trump empire which you were so proud: a helicopter, a sumptuous yacht, airline in your name ...
I was proud, sure, but compared to such strong values ​​as family or health, they were only objects unimportant and easily replaceable: the "Trump Princess" had more than 12 years, and I ' have the opportunity to build a much larger yacht. Today I am about to sell my airline, Trump Shuttle, to reduce my debts but also because the industry has become unlivable.When American Airlines loses money, when 60% of US airlines are in bankruptcy, it is illusory to want to remain in a sector in distress. I am happy to be out on time. This is not the case of everyone.

Your sensational divorce he precipitated your financial difficulties?
Last year, in the midst of the economic recession, another obstacle has come block my road: Ivana, my ex-wife asked me $ 2 billion of divorce allowances. Even if I won the trial, largely due to the wrong choice she made to his lawyers, he took me right even pay him $ 25 million. In the midst of crisis, it was a performance. I first went to court, I signed a check for 14 million. I was happy to do it because it was good for her and for my children.

If today you are going so well financially, how could you be on the verge of bankruptcy a year ago? Was it not to muddy the lawyers of your wife?
Some people have claimed. This is binding on themselves. Certainly my bad financial situation of the time has accelerated the process of divorce, which otherwise would have eternalized.
Much of your success in the 1980s is to have convinced the public and US banks that was enough to put the Trump name in gold letters on a building or on a plane for it twice immediately value. Why this system has it stopped working last year?
In the US, everything stopped functioning in 1990. For one year, for lack of liquidity, no one could buy apartments, planes were empty ... For six months, cash became The force of the war. Unable to borrow money because banks were on the verge of bankruptcy and real estate values ​​collapsed. All this had nothing to do with the quality of my erections or my assets. The liquidity crisis is now behind us. In recent months, the Trump Palace is the new building the most fashionable New York, and yet it is one that shows the price of the most expensive square meter, by far.
Your main error of assessment, did she not believe that the 1980s would be eternal?
I do not know if we can speak of bad judgment, but I would definitely have sold before, rather than hold on to my property until last year. The problem is that every time I sell, the market immediately ignites. "Why is he selling? himself being asked immediately. It goes wrong? Is he sick? "Because of my name, it became very difficult to sell without triggering rumors.
I was heavyweight champion of the world for twelve years in business
Have you been trapped by what had hitherto helped you build your empire: fame, fame?
I maintain that I am the only businessman in the world able to buy an old yacht 10 years for $ 28 million to use for two years to sell the $ 42 million, which it says the front page of a new York daily "Trump separates from his boat death in the soul."
How did you experience this downward spiral?
In the 1980s, the stress came from the huge volume of business to deal with. Everything was going so well and so fast ... We did not have time. In 1990, after losing three of my best employees in a helicopter crash, there was my divorce and my financial difficulties. These past two years have taught me a lot about myself. I saw that I could live under pressure and I was perhaps stronger than I thought. Emerging from the storm, you feel better and stronger than before. I learned to be patient and not to worry about what others say.
It has often been said, "Donald Trump does too much. A force to take to Mohamed Ali and say that he is the strongest, the richest, he'll end up drawing the ire ... "
Mohamed Ali was world heavyweight champion for ten years. On my way to New York, in business, I was also champion of the world heavyweight for twelve years. My bad year, 1990 has been a tendency to forget my success in the 1980s.
A New York newspaper called you one day "the people's billionaire" because you embody success dreams of many Americans. Realizing a comeback after teetering ruin, it is ultimately the American dream continues.
When you make a fortune in the United States, and that you go from nothing to reach the top, people are dying to see you fall. My fortune and my success has created many jealousies. It's normal. You can not keep every minute, every hour, every month of your life at the top. At the top, we do not live. One survives. It's always a pleasant surprise. In many ways, it's harder to maintain it than to raise it. I stayed there for twelve years.Whatever the negative thought some people, the American public loves the story of a man who has achieved a rise and struggled before making a comeback.
Pull yourself up to the summit, there you descend steeply. And if you come back you are a true American hero ...
Yes. This is America as we live.
What do you think of the anti-Japanese psychosis in the US?
I believe it is unfair, especially as Japanese investors seem to have somewhat eased off in recent months. I have great admiration for the work they have done in their country.
How did you feel seeing them take over your eyes Rockefeller Center?
I rejoice whenever a foreign investor decides to invest his money in the United States, whether French, British or Japanese.

Donald and Marla Maples in their apartment. Model and aspiring actress, the young woman of 27 had met the tycoon in 1989. They married December 20, 1993 two months after the birth of their daughter, Tiffany.

 After a divorce that cost you $ 25 million, we are surprised to hear you again talk of marriage ...
When you meet the right person, marriage is the most beautiful institutions that are. Otherwise, it's a disaster. Being married to me is much more satisfying than all other forms of relationships.
You receive hundreds of American letters ready to marry you in a minute, but the only woman in your life is now called Marla Maples ...
Marla is a great woman of extreme loyalty. During the difficult months, I often worked twenty hours a day. We did not have much time to talk, but she was there with me. I want her to one day become my wife.
Do you intend to marry soon?
We have made our decision, but no date has yet been set. This will probably be sometime in the next year.
Today, are you worried about that the American public sees you as a loser, a loser?
No. The American public knows me better than that. That is why, last year, in the economic doldrums, my latest book, "Surviving the top," spent three weeks on bestseller.
Despite a tangible recovery of your business, you remain heavily indebted. What is your strategy for the coming year?
... Trying to survive at the top. Once again. Continue to reduce my debts.Conduct my business as best as possible. The license renewal of my three casinos and restarting the economy will facilitate my work. There are five more months, I would not tell, but this time I'm back and assets of the Trump group are stronger than ever.

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