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среда, 9 ноября 2016 г.

Donald Trump: "No dream is too big"

Donald Trump was officially elected 45th President of the United States.From New York, he delivered his victory speech. 

Before his loyal fans, Donald Trump delivered his victory speech, he was officially elected president of the United States on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. He beat Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate and said he had received a "call to Secretary Clinton." "She congratulated us on our victory and I congratulate her and her family, for his campaign, he added.She fought well. Hillary has worked long and hard, we owe him our gratitude for his service to America. "

"Rebuilding the nation"

Donald Trump also thanked all her relatives one by one and promised they would all "immediately get to work." While his remarks on minorities scandal during his campaign, he assured that it was now time to "come together as one unit, Republicans and Democrats." "I will be the president of all Americans. Not a man or woman will be forgotten, "he added. The important thing for him was to "rebuild the nation and feed the American Dream." He also had a word for war veterans, whose "care must be taken.""The time I spent with them during this campaign was a great honor."

The future US president also assured to have "an economic plan." "We will rebuild our infrastructure. I want to tell the world that we always put the interests of America above all, but we will work with the whole world, "he commented yet. "We will do work that, hopefully, will make you proud. I like this country. No dream is too big, "even said Donald Trump. Before him, his vice president, Mike Pence, had also thanked his family and said he was ready to get to work. "America has voted for the next president and it is an honor for me to serve the United States." 

To everyone's amazement, the billionaire was elected 45th president of the United States.
In a final bombshell as he loves. After this race for the presidency has been worthy of a thriller. At 70, Donald Trump has never held political office. His triumph is that of anger and frustration. By supporting his outrageous statements, the Americans have rejected the candidate of a certain elite bienpensante.

In the countryside, the tycoon fanned divisions. President, it calls for the union: "It is time to come together and do a nation. I will be the president of all Americans. "But half of them remain stunned. Scholarships loosen.And the whole world awaits the first steps of a man who has the Congress with him but his entourage described as unpredictable.

Barack Obama, who has not yet officially responded to Donald Trump's election, called his successor and invited Thursday at the White House to prepare for the transition. 
Barack Obama called Donald Trump early Wednesday to congratulate him on his victory in the presidential election and expressed his "admiration for the strong his campaign across the country," according to a statement from the White House .
"The president invited the president-elect to meet with him at the White House Thursday, November 10 for an update on the transition schedule on which his team has been working for almost a year. Ensure smooth transition of power is one of the priorities the president identified earlier this year, and meet the president elected in the next step, "the statement added.

A statement by Barack Obama scheduled for Wednesday 

"The President will make a statement Wednesday at the White House to discuss the results of the election and see what steps we can take as a country to come together after this harsh campaign," finally said the US executive. The real estate mogul stunned America by beating the odds and winning the race to the White House Tuesday night, defeating the favorite Democrat Hillary Clinton .
Donald Trump has adopted from his acceptance speech , late at night, soberly and peaceful, carrying a message of reconciliation.
Barack Obama laughs over it. Today he almost cry. Donald Trump is his biggest defeat. 

And so it all began May 1, 2011 evening? Donald Trump is invited to the annual gala dinner of correspondents of the White House, at the Hilton Hotel. This is his triumph, he who craves recognition from childhood.From Manhattan to Chicago via Las Vegas, towers are dungeons that signal power. He gave them his name, married the most caricatured blondes and, since 2004, leads a reality TV show, "The Celebrity Apprentice," which reaches 40 million viewers. Again, sometimes accompanied by Melania, whose beauty eclipses all other women; he sits in one of the most prominent tables: that of Lally Weymouth, sister of Donald Graham, the owner of the "Washington Post", the bible of the establishment of the US capital. The show can begin. Tradition holds that the nail is in the speech of the US president. Question humor, Obama does not need anyone. It takes the stage, and that is to pay for a Turkish head: Donald Trump, the man who questioned its legitimacy. And it is bloody. He mocked a recent episode of "The Apprentice" where the tycoon took a "major decision" that turning one of the show stars because of a kitchen problem. "Well done, master! "He says ironically, provoking laughter. Trump remains unmoved. Jaws clenched, frozen wick, he disappears without a word. "He did not like being mistaken for a clown," still enjoys a witness. Trump is the kind of guy who should never throw challenges. 

It displays an improbable hairstyle, accumulates jokes and provocations.Yet all his life, Donald Trump wanted us to take him seriously. He started to cross the East River, the strait that separates Queens, the modest neighborhood of New York where he was born, to conquer Manhattan and luminous skyscrapers. The fortune of his father, who has embarked on the construction of social housing, smells of fresh paint and cheap. Him is the luxury that will build everything. Donald is so unruly child he was sent to a military academy to teach him to march. a chance, he will never return to the ranks, but he keeps a fierce rage against all forms of authority. It is not, however, devoid of qualities. First, it has the taste of work. And dad pays him a good education in the most prestigious business schools in the country, Wharton, Pennsylvania. Above all, he has the audacity. Armed with his degree, loan and paternal relations, Donald can launch. At 32, in 1978, he made his first big shot in Manhattan: the development of the Grand Hyatt next to Grand Central Station. Five years later, it will be the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue across from Central Park.For some it would be the Holy Grail. He is too young to retire. 

Trump put on celebrity like others on oil or renewable energy

He is a billionaire but keeps a teenage appetite. Nothing is ever enough "huuuuge" (huuuuge) to Donald Trump. It will be "Between us, New York," but also Chicago, Los Angeles ... This disproportion cache of small trader cautions. At some point the deal stingy, starting with his old friend Roger Stone, who is also his adviser shade. Restaurant patrons $ 150 the addition does not contradict "We never see him, he rarely dine out," says Jean-Georges Vongerichten, whose three-star hotel is in one of its towers, Columbus Circle, Central Park before. "It comes to me four times a year at most, it lasts an hour and it command alcohol or coffee, said the chief. By cons, he always sits at the corner table No. 20, conspicuous, so we see it."

Trump put on celebrity like others on oil or renewable energy. And it is precisely his celebrity problematic. No one blames his failures. New York has seen others. Neither her reality TV shows, or investments in casinos, he has the game horror and does not even know the rules on green carpet, as reported by the Pulitzer Prize David Cay Johnston in his recent biography, "The Making of Donald Trump" (ed. Melville House). He is accused of not knowing accommodate peaks that he conquered. To spot, it does not give millions of dollars to charity, which has good taste in horror. In his palace in Palm Beach, Florida, it deploys an art to be rich amazes the poor ... and in any case its millions of spectators who gather in front of his TV reality show. Like it or not the elite. 
He follows his path, like bulldozers with which he built his empire. It is able to buy a golf course an hour north of New York, just to get a neighbor called Bill Clinton. Until June, the former president still had a locker with his name in the locker room. A perfectly hypocritical relationship developed between them until the 2005 apotheosis when Trump invited Clinton to his Pharaonic wedding with Melania. Trump because the cheapskate never afraid to get out his checkbook when it is useful, particularly to finance the Clinton Foundation, today he criticizes, or senatorial campaigns of Hillary, he began by praising . But it is full of contradictions. Trump fearless. In 1987, he offered a full page in major newspapers of the country to lambast the foreign policy of America and its alliances with the countries of NATO, which the US the world's policeman - at their own expense . "We're the laughingstock of the world," he says. In this insert, everything is there. Including the theme from abroad who plunders the wealth of America. Because it is the only lasting a little conviction in the wanderings trumpiennes. Just change the name of the guilty yesterday Japan, now China or Mexico, to navigate. Amazing initiative from a New York real estate developer that nothing predestined to have an opinion on world geopolitics. At the time, we took this action to a publicity stunt. As in 2015 we will say he is running for the nomination to better talk about his new hotel in Washington. 

Donald Trump has no convictions, or no one knows him. He not only earned his place among the richest men in the country, it also deserves to be the classification of those who change most regularly of political commitment: seven times, a lucky number. It envisages first time to appear in the 1990s and then in 2000 joined the Reform Party, the Reform Party, created by Ross Perot, before changing his mind. Again, it is at the margin, far from the cameras storefront in Washington. He quickly understands that to break into the system, there is no place for the marginalized. So he approaches the Republicans. Again, it faces the scorn of the establishment, that accepts its donations, much less his style. We judge the uncontrollable, too flashy for a headliner. In 2012, Mitt Romney, invested the stands aside. He went to Las Vegas as a casino hotel to meet before the cameras, but refuses to hold a press conference with him. He is wrong because Trump already attracts attention. They pressed around him as around a rock star when Romney makes figure of second knife. 

"A mere mortal would not have survived"

Once again, it was far from the favorite. Polls do the people credited much as 3% of the votes! But it was more ready for action. In late July, we see unblinking answer the insistent questions from reporters, who questioned one of his latest provocations. He lashed to the biggest, the strongest, McCain, the party baron, former candidate against Barack Obama. And he chose to violate the supreme taboo: the Vietnam War. At the Summit of families, organized in Iowa, Trump said that McCain, a former pilot of the Navy covered with medals and honors, is "not a hero" because he allowed himself to be captured. The scandal is huge, but it persists. He would kill the father he would not take it differently. "It is he who is dead," the experts predict. They are wrong: Trump rose in the polls. It is from this point that the Clinton clan have started taking it seriously. "A mere mortal would not have survived," later explained John Podesta, the main organizer of the campaign of Hillary. The Democrats understood before the Republican camp. One after another, opponents are degummed, starting with the most threatening, Jeb Bush, the heir of one of these dynasties who have looked up. 

Like others, Obama began by laughing. Today he might cry: Trump is his nightmare, his safest defeat despite popularity ratings at the highest. But Trump will not thank him for pushing for this challenge. Similarly he will not thank the "Washington Post". In early 2016, he even decided to refuse access to its meetings to journalists daily. They had the audacity to go out most embarrassing scoops, starting with the video from 2005 where he evokes, in crude terms, her attraction to women and sexual harassment attempts. Wasted. Donald Trump was the candidate that nothing could kill. For him, the harder begins: learning to manage his victory.

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