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вторник, 29 ноября 2016 г.

Here is the Mercedes of the future

The concept car Generation EQ, unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, represents the future of the electric car from Mercedes. 

The shape is classic but elegant, proportions everything was reasonable.On the stand of Mercedes Paris Motor Show in Paris , the concept car Generation EQ could almost pass for a model of the current range. The line of this SUV suggests an evolution of the current GLC and it is primarily the details that betray his pioneering aspect exuberant light signature with great fanfare blue, perfectly smooth grille, no exhaust ... All Generation shows that the EQ has been designed from a to Z as an electric car and it is no coincidence because the label EQ designate in the future all electric Mercedes.

The Generation EQ introduced a platform developed specifically for an electric range, the SUV cut through the sedan. What answer to the offensive launched by Tesla , investing gradually all segments of the automotive market. Two electric engines power the Generation EQ, one on the front and one in back. The power is substantial, with 300 kilowatts or 400 horsepower with a torque of 700 Nm, worthy of a Lamborghini.The 0 to 100 km / h was announced under 5 seconds. Autonomy, in turn, would reach up to 500 km.

A step towards the autonomous car

On board, the Generation EQ gives pride to the touch: the traditional buttons are absent, the perfectly smooth surfaces are preferred.Mercedes promises a real revolution in display, with 3D views of the environment on the navigation system, which is deployed on an extra-large screen.

Finally, Mercedes Generation ensures that the EQ is a step in the direction of the autonomous car, another favorite topic of manufacturers present in Paris. A technology called Car-to-X team concept, which allows it to communicate with other vehicles and with the infrastructure. At first, this may facilitate research stations refills or allow to circulate information about an accident faster. Ultimately, this type of technology is crucial to imagine a generalization of driverless cars. 

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