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четверг, 10 ноября 2016 г.

How to Survive a Small Blast

Accidents can happen or perhaps, freak coincidence. What are the chances of meeting some loony guy with a grenade. A small blast is not something to joke about. These pointers became popular post 9-11 tragedy.
Here are some pointers on how to survive a small blast:
  • Try to gun for the exit - Only if you’re near or next to it.
  • Grenades have some 3-4 seconds minimum lapse once triggered - This would give you ample time to do some of the following steps.
  • Find some cover - If you can, find a thick concrete cover. If you can’t…
  • Lie down feet towards the blast, head pointing away - This will make you a small target for the blast shock and shrapnel. You may lose your legs but at least you’re alive
  • Pin your upper arms along your sides - Protect your vital organs!
  • Cover your ears - The blast or shockwave may blow your eardrums.
I just hope that you’d never have to use these tips. But paranoia helps, sometimes.
Want to see something cool, here’s how to survive an atomic blast. I don’t know if this could work. But who knows?

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