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четверг, 10 ноября 2016 г.

Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016: "I believe the stars"

December 2015, 11:30 p.m., in the Zenith de Lille is more place than the election of a new Miss France. The lovely Mittenaere Iris, 23, in the fifth year of dental school, hold on his head the crown which she has just inherited her tears. In the room, a small miracle to play against her.

Both her parents divorced for over 20 years meet for the first time in one place. Two separate families, who that night, mean nothing more than to celebrate the victory of their daughter . "Everyone was gathered around me like a magnet," remembers moved, Iris seeking a Kleenex. "I thought to stay cool this show, Yves remembers his dad, but the results were announced, I was intoxicated with joy." Carried by the momentum of the contest and the grace of Christmas, the two clans met a few days later, around the same tree for the holidays.

Family reunification disunited an unexpected happy ending, even by Endemol, the company that produces the Miss. To add to list multiple gifts keychain jewelry, car, travel, beauty products of all kinds, hairdressers, clothes .... Taking advantage of his travels deep into France for the election of local impétrantes, Iris left his region of Hauts-de-France to reach the home of his father in Occitan.

On the beach in Collioure, with Yves, his father, Manon, her half-sister of 15, and Stephanie, his stepmother.© Philippe Doignon / SIPA
"I suffered from not seeing my kids for the holidays," said his father, 54 years. This professor of history and geography based in Villelongue-de-la-Salanque, near Collioure has remade his life. Yves discreet teacher remembers the day he had to tell his students that he was "the father of the new Miss France. 
After I never watched the news or anything that says it all, it stressed me too. " And Manon, fifteen, her half sister was how she lived this plunge into the light? "It has probably impacted more strongly than dad takes Iris but it is balanced, it was able to manage." In the port of Collioure during a family photo session for Paris Match, Yves discovers the events that the reputation of his daughter arouse "It's strange, even a bit unpleasant, people flocked around us, claiming selfies.I naturally want to protect my daughter, but Iris is comfortable, it assumes its fully known and beloved status of the public ".

Iris, wonder of Côte Vermeille© Philippe Doignon / SIPA
After her election, she remembered that she had to learn all the famous statute "It was challenging because we do not control, everything was new even the look" Mamet "my grandmother was on me. When I came back the first time at home, she cried out to say I Miss France at home! I said Mamet but that's me! Nobody knows what loneliness one feels at first as if you had landed on an unknown planet. " Once past the Iris acclimatization period recognizes that all she received was beyond positive. "I met great people, made unforgettable trips, I keep a heart for what we have done in the Ivory Coast, at the invitation of the wife of President Alassane Ouattara for his association Children of Africa , including Catherine Deneuve. Give back some of what I have received is very important to me. I would like to get involved also in France concerning the oral health of children. All that is essential is prevention, I want to use my fame to get things done. " For Iris, everything in life is a matter of fate "I see signs everywhere, and therefore, everything that happens to me is often obvious."

This vigilance to things around him often allowed him to seize the opportunity that happening. Asked if she has a spirituality "I believe in the universe, the stars, I sometimes their request to help me." And even if she lived love story ended under the weight of his responsibilities as Miss France, for her, it is still valid to have one day a husband and three children "but not immediately, I must first complete my studies. " For now, she leaves with Miss raw prepare the next election in 2017 where she will make her crown on 17 December. Beginning January she will represent France at the Miss Universe contest, a last hurray before returning to the college benches to complete his studies.

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