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четверг, 24 ноября 2016 г.

Ivanka Trump distance of its brand

Subject to a boycott and accused of mixing genres, Ivanka Trump is trying to take some distance with his eponymous label.

A first step, but certainly not enough to appease his critics. Ivanka Trump accused of promoting its brand through the election of his father, going to distance. The editorial team Ivanka Trump HQ announced in an open letter published this week: "The mission of our company is not political -it has never been and never will be. However, Ivanka, personally, is a growing opportunity to defend women and to be a positive force for change. As a private citizen, in full awareness of its increasing exposure, it will redouble its efforts to discuss issues important to women and American families. In that time, our team will continue to inspire and empower women so that they have the life they dream of. "

This is an effective separation in social networks: @IvankaTrump accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram no longer serve to share personal content Ivanka Trump. All that depends on its brand will be posted on @IvankaTrumpHQ accounts.

A success on social networks

There are ten days, on the occasion of the first television interview with Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump caused an uproar when a communications officer working for it had sent to the press references the bracelet she wore. A normal practice for fashion houses and jewelry to showcase their products, but that did not please those who accuse the eldest daughter of the president elected to advertise its brand of ready-to-wear and accessories thanks to the media coverage of his father -the while rejecting any politicization of its business. Yet between his father elected president and her husband Jared Kushner, real estate investor, media owner and architect of the victory of Donald Trump , is in the heart of power: it was present at the meeting between his father and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and also intervened during a call between the elected president and the head of the Argentine government Mauricio Macri.

Last July, Ivanka Trump was criticized for a similar fact: after delivering an important speech at the Republican convention in a pink dress powder of its brand, she had advertised on Twitter. "Buy the look Ivanka for his speech," it was written, taking the official hashtag of the Republican convention. Maligned, this message was effective: the dress was sold quickly, it is now out of stock.

Since the campaign, #GrabYourWallet movement, prompting a boycott of stores selling the products of the Trump brand, has not wavered. Tweets taking this slogan were seen over 200 million times. 

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