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четверг, 10 ноября 2016 г.

Ivanka Trump, Trump charm of the White House (35 pic)

Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump, will over the next four years the asset charm of the White House.

Is looking like a Barbie peroxidised, whose only US made in California have the secret, Ivanka Trump leads his small world of the stick. The young 34 year old woman knows where she goes and what she wants ... like his father Donald Trump. It is "the child right arm," the girl who knows better than anyone become indispensable. She is vice president of the Trump Organization, dealing with development and acquisitions. policy side is also offering Ivanka ideas - future legislation? - Dad Trump for the feminist cause. Without it, Donald would consider it to engage in that direction? Not so sure.

The woman however, was not destined to become the right arm of a chair. Daughter of Ivana Trump, the first wife of Donald, Ivanka began his life as a model. But soon she tired attracted by the glitz and the greenbacks of the empire created by his daddy. Became vice-president of the company, it does not stop there. The young woman invests money and launched her own brand of clothing and accessories. Success is waiting for you; Ivanka giving himself body and soul into the business.That's his thing in common with his father, while both have the company of viruses, the love of dollars! Ivanka becomes a brand; she becomes aware that a presence is needed on social networks to share its models.And result: it already accounts for more than 2 million followers on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka on stage at Cleveland, July 2016.

"What a surreal moment"

Throughout the campaign of his father, Ivanka was always at his side. Up to rallies in New Hampshire, in Cleveland, Ohio, or North Carolina. Each time, the young woman was acclaimed. Americans love his dual: the assumed businesswoman and a loving mother who never puts her children and her husband aside. Indeed, Ivanka is married since 2009 to Jared Kushner, a wealthy businessman who graduated from Harvard University. Together they had three children: Arabella Rose, Joseph Frederick and the youngest Theodore James.

On voting day, on his Instagram account, Ivanka did not hesitate to post a message to her father: "What a surreal moment to vote for his dad to run for president." A few hours later, she was at his side, impatiently waiting for the results in New York.

But once fallen scores and the overwhelming victory of his father, Ivanka continued his work of "right hand". "Thank you America for the trust you have placed in my father. He will never let you down. " And finished well, highlighting his son Theodore, born in March: "Congratulations grandpa."Now the story can continue, near the Oval Office but especially close to his father Donald.

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