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воскресенье, 27 ноября 2016 г.

Kate Middleton takes tea with Dippy the Diplodocus

Kate Middleton welcomed the departure of Dippy the Diplodocus dinosaur-size replica that will soon leave the Natural History Museum of London for an extensive tour that will take him all over the kingdom during the next twelve months.

Duchess of Cambridge wanted to wish him a good trip, before a major tour that will take him all over the kingdom during the next twelve months.It is the rock star of ... Natural History Museum London: Dippy the Diplodocus. Kate spent the day of Tuesday, November 22, with this dinosaur-size replica that will soon leave his residence for the first time in 111 years.

The wife of Prince William has found the opportunity to twenty children, promoted "dino-scientists" for a series of activities. On the menu, looking for fossils, decoration of dinosaur eggs, tea and large cake bearing the image of Dippy. Mascot of the museum which Kate is a patron, the diplodocus 4.25 meters high and 21.3 meters long will be introduced in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, in eight different places that will not museums to educate a new audience ...

Kate console a weeping mother

The event was organized in partnership with Place2Be, association Kate's godmother and accompanying more than 75 000 children victims of psychological problems in school. The Duchess of Cambridge is particularly involved in raising awareness of mental distress. In March 2016, Catherine launched "Heads Together" eight charities federation all working in the field. An initiative in which the Duchess rallied her husband William and Harry brother.

After his afternoon at the museum, Kate handed Tuesday the price "Place2Be - Wellbeing in Schools" at a ceremony at the Mansion House in London. On this occasion, the Duchess was able to meet beneficiaries of the association, whose young Ethan, who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome there three years. Since the 13 year old boy runs through the schools of the kingdom to tell his story and educate students on the issue. His story to cry his mother at his side, which earned him a little hug Kate ...

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