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вторник, 8 ноября 2016 г.

Mac Tips: Alternative to Pricey Software

Windows users have an assortment of freeware and FOSS alternatives to choose from. Unfortunately for Mac users, there’s quite a shortage to that.
Anyway, here are a few alternative choices to pricey software for the Mac:
  • Pixel Image Editor ($39) for Photoshop ($649)
  • Lineform ($79.95) for Adobe Illustrator ($499)
  • Billings 2 ($59) for Quickbooks ($250)
  • NVU (FREE!) + BBEdit ($30) for Adobe Dreamweaver ($350)
Check what features you really use and need. Definitely not all of these cheaper software will deliver the same bang as the pricey ones but they could be enough for you to finish work without spending much!

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